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Defenders of Fort Fomin is a mod for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, created by Templar GFX Modding.


fenders is a new game mode that came about as a result of the need to test the AI in heavy combat situations. The "test" environment I created quickly became so much more, and my friends and I had such a good time playing it, I turned into a full fledged game mode!

At its core, Defenders is simply Horde Mode for Dragon Rising. Face waves of enemy PLA soldiers who will attempt to eradicate all the defending units within the fort.

There are 10 rounds in total, and if you manage to survive all 10, you will have faced an entire battalion of soldiers and lived to tell the tale!

As the rounds progress, the type of units that attack, along with how many are attacking (both in total, and at once) increase as well a progression of attack formations and tactics to mix things up and keep you on your toes!

There are the following unit types, in order of progression :

The Scout - Lightly Armed and Armored they head in first and attempt to flank you

The Assault Soldier - A slower more heavily armed soldier with decent training

The Machine Gunner - Heavy support unit that loves to supress

The Marksman - A long range fighter who supports the advance

The SOF Soldier - All purpose, highly trained Special Operations unit

The SOF Heavy - Armed with a machine gun and an assault rifle this guy can handle anything

The SOF Sniper - Carrying a heavy .50 Cal this guy is your worst nightmare!

Between each round, the Ammo Room will be restocked and you are given two minutes to prepare. However if you need more time, simply leave a player (or Ai) inside the room to prevent the next round starting.

It is HIGHLY recommended you take advantage of mines!

Apart from the 4 Players, 8 AI controlled defenders will join you in holding off the enemy. They will use the weapon emplacements and spread out across the fort to help keep all the angles covered.

When only a handful of enemy remain from a round, they will also head out and chase down the stragglers for you.

These guys will respawn at the end of each round. Expect to the last man standing ALOT!

Installation :

Copy contents of this zip into your games installation. Replace any files requested

Report problems with download to support@gamepressure.com

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