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The file OFDR 2017 Mission Editor Upgrade v.21022017 is a modification for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, a(n) action game. Download for free.

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OFDR 2017 Mission Editor Upgrade is a mod for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, created by Templar GFX Modding.


Updates the Mission Editors LUA help system and the Entity Database to get the most out of OFDR.

This updates the Mission Editor's Entity Database and LUA editor to help with mission editing

Includes Improved syntax highlighting, an extremely robust custom auto-help system to replace the Help file and of course the improved Entity Database.

The entity database brings too many changes to list one-by-one so instead I will just give the highlights :

All Weapons reconfigured to be more like their real world counter-parts (handling, recoil, damage, weight, encumbrance, ROF, velocity etc). Each weapon now has a "parent" weapon and all variations are "children" of this base weapon. This makes adding new variations, or modifying existing ones much easier.

All Vehicles have been reconfigured to make them handle fantastically and actually be fun to drive! (Weight, Engine, Torque, Gear Curve, CoM, Tyre Friction andSuspension setup redone based on my Dirt Rally experience)

All usable in-game models have been added giving extra weapons and props to use in missions

Ammo Crates expanded to include all weapons in better combinations

New Health and Damage system to give much more variation to damage dealt, and more realistic reactions to that damage

Junk removed from the Database to make it easier to manage

More Unit variations, with better weapon setups to give Mission Editors more choice

Lua Editor Changes

All commands now have contextual help built right into the editor! Just add an extra comma inside the brackets to get detailed info on the command (includes the help on all custom functions)

Highlighting and coloring has been upgraded to include all the hidden and debug commands, as well as better syntax highlighting and variable/function name recognition

There are also additional custom functions and help info, type ?! and select AutoHelp then press ENTER on a blank line inside the editor itself for full instructions on this new stuff!

It also adds new co-op mode called Defenders. At its core, Defenders is simply Horde Mode for Dragon Rising. Face waves of enemy PLA soldiers who will attempt to eradicate all the defending units within the fort.

There are 10 rounds in total, and if you manage to survive all 10, you will have faced an entire battalion of soldiers and lived to tell the tale!

Installation :

Copy contents of this zip into your games installation. Replace any files requested

Report problems with download to support@gamepressure.com

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