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The file Stardrive 2 Reborn v.1.4 is a modification for StarDrive 2: Sector Zero, a(n) strategy game. Download for free.

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last updateWednesday, June 21, 2017


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Stardrive 2 Reborn is a mod for StarDrive 2: Sector Zero, created by aviatori.


Adds many new Technologies, Moduls, Buildings, Ship designs and much more...

Rebon mod for StarDrive 2 v1.4 H1 + All DLC

Supported Languages: English, Russian.


1) Make a backup copy of your Username/AppData/LocalLow/ZeroSum Games/Stardrive 2 folder<br>2) Then download "Reborn mod for StarDrive 2 v1.4 H1 + All DLC" archive and copy "Stardrive 2" folder to: Username/AppData/LocalLow/ZeroSum Games/Stardrive 2. Copy all files with change. <br><br>!WARNING! DO NOT COPY ANY FILES IN TO MAIN GAME DIRECTORY - NOTHING WILL WORK !WARNING!<br>3) Create a new game and Play.<br><br>UNINSTALLATION:<br>1) Delete Username/AppData/LocalLow/ZeroSum Games/Stardrive 2 folder and copy your backup folder in the same place. Don't forget about your saves, they're also there in folder "SavedGames"

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