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Shadows of Chaos is a mod for Hexen II, created by bloodshot12.


Hexen II - Shadows of Chaos is a brand new mission pack for Hexen II. Featuring new enemies, revamped classes, a new plot, large maps, and revamped gore. It also features slightly more fleshed out RPG elements thanks to being based on the Game of Tomes mod.

Environments based on the whole series. New and old enemies from past games make a return, more puzzles with proper hints, Portal of Praevus features. Explore a new land pulling inspiration from the previous games in the series. Features:

3 large levels to explore

new puzzles

new enemies

improved gore

new character abilities

coop support

To install:

Extract to your base hexen 2 directory, make sure to delete opengl32.dll or the engine won't run.

If you want to change the new keybinds open up autoexec.cfg and you can modify them there.

Make a shortcut to Shadows of Chaos.bat, or make a shortcut to gluh2_bsp2.exe and add "-game SoC" to the target box

Report problems with download to support@gamepressure.com

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