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hardware & software 16 November 2020, 14:23

PlayStation 5 in Black; Fans Paint the Consoles on Their Own

Many people were disappointed when it turned out that the PS5 would be available only in white. Subsequently, some fans decided to paint the console in their preferred color on their own.

When Sony revealed the appearance of the PS5, endless discussions about the design of the latest console's case have begun, Some loved its futuristic design, reminiscent of the Alienware computers, others hated it, maliciously calling it an oversized router. The most disappointed, however, were those expecting a black version, as PlayStation 5 doesn't currently have one. More ambitious fans took matters into their own hands and repainted the console (and controllers) to their favourite color.

The effect seems to be quite satisfactory - the black-colored controllers look particularly good. The red version of PS5 came out surprisingly well; this color of the case seems to fit almost perfectly to its fancy shape.

Finally, a reminder that the launch of PlayStation 5 took place on November 12 in the Pacific area, and the rest of the world will see it on November 19, this year. Those interested in the black (or any other color) version are therefore advised to stock up on paint.