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Victoria II: Heart of Darkness - game update v.3.02 - Download

Game update (patch) to Victoria II: Heart of Darkness , a(n) strategy game, v.3.02, added on Friday, May 31, 2013.

file typeGame update

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last updateFriday, May 31, 2013


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Victoria II: Heart of Darkness

version: 3.02

- Gameplay Changes


- Forming alliance between 2 GPs is no longer possible when there is active crisis.

- Added liberate LIB decision

- There are now news articles for certain national decisions

- Nationalist movement events no longer fire when provinces are occupied.

- Fixed bug with land units being affected by naval supply throughput penalty by having insufficient naval bases

- Naval distance tracking for colonial ranges is now fully working with buildable canals.

- Fixed exploit where it was possible to manually set trade to certain goods to buy 0, and the naval cap was ignored

- Extra attrition for navies when less then 25% of received goods

- Naval supplies status now affects the repairing speed.

- Fixed bug where releasing a puppet and playing as it, the transferred units couldn't move.

- It's no longer possible to build forts/bases/rails in our provinces that are under enemy control.

- Fixed bug where a small armies of size less then 2999 wasn't able to finish a siege due to rounding errors

- Fixed issue when raising tension in a region split between states where both sides had crisis cores on each other

- Fixed problem in factories economy, where factories were never paying $ to pops even though they were doing a profit and got tons of money saved.

- Fixed an issue with union tags being releasable as dominions (now requires most of the cores as well as other safeguards)

- Fixed issue where a country could get added to the same crisis backer list twice

- Added 20% influence bonus if target is neighboring someone already in your sphere (but not directly bordering)

- Fixed bug where naval base duplicates was not removed when states was merged by converting a colony into the full state.

- Fixed bug where westernizing without being in SoI gave best techs from all GPs.

- Fixed issue where dominions were not always added to sphere

- No longer gets neighbour bonuses to influence for two bordering states that are both colonial

- Successfully enforcing take from sphere wargoal will now set the target to zero influence and Hostile opinion towards the defeated GP.

- Winning Hegemony war will now set all minors of that culture group to zero influence and Hostile opinion towards the defeated GP.

- Winning Hegemony war will now increase influence with all unsphered minors in your culture group.

- Fixed issue where several losers did not get kicked once two countries that were both far ahead of them were competing in colonies

- Investing in guard posts now cost +10 per level which should lead to shorter races

- Added shortcut for colonial investment

- Improvements to Jan Mayen

- International debt reform now gives proper civ progress and retains tax efficiency bonuses from previous level

- Fixed possible negative tension in colonial flashpoints

- Delay before navies take a hit from low supplies increased to 30 days

- Lowered damage per day from being out of supply for navies a bit

- Fixed a bug where war leaders could make separate peace with non warleaders in crisis wars


- Interface Improvements


- Improved alerts for colonization

- Clicking colonization alert now scrolls through target colonies

- Added missing tooltip explanation of what's the battle plan buttons are for

- Goods icons in production view that are disabled because of 0 output are now clickable so it's possible to show the "goods flow" window that is so useful in this screen.

- Fixed bug where naval transports capacity (and other stats) didn't refresh after naval combat where some ships was sunk.

- Fixed unit sorting priority that was messed for battleships and dreadnoughts.

- Fixed new GP news text

- Added some colors in colonial map mode. The 2nd color stripes shows the provinces within the colonial range.

- Added colonization distance to tooltip in colonial mapmode (displayed for any province).

- Extra explanation in attrition tooltip

- Fixed no unread newspapers tooltip

- NF icons on the map, in the NF map mode are no longer rendered under the objects, but completely in front.

- Fixed missing tooltip info in unit view about units strength

- Fixed precision loss noticed in social spendings where sometimes it was saying that we can't afford to pay more then certain fraction. Fix was general to all distribution sliders.

- Tooltip for cost to make state now always show colonial power requirements

- Fixed list of newspapers window that was overlapping the screen after clicking any tab.

- Units scheduled for mobilizations are now showing paths to the nearest rally points (in recruitment map mode).

- Added info in tooltips explaining that can't colonize because of liferating. Now it lists the techs and inventions the life rating can be researched.

- Fixed ill formatted battleship names for US

- Fixed tiling issue on map where you would sometimes find black lines flickering

- Message type that says about some country being taken from our SoI is now default as popup=yes.

- Fixed corrupted railroad drawn between provinces on the edge of the world

- Fixed mismatch in siege efficiency numbers written in the unit view and it's tooltip.

- Fixed bad leader looooong names printing in the unit view.

- The sphere alert icon now may turn red when some SoIs have problems with rebels (if they break the country we may loose the SoI).

- Tweaked the naval ships sprites drawing weighted priority, so it's more possible to draw battleships and dreadnoughts in the unit stack.

- Colonization icons on the map are now showing up to 4 colonizing countries.

- NF to increase crisis tension in the outliner, now shows extra tension details in the tooltip.

- Plus many small typo and text fixes


- Database Changes


- US now starts with cores on Oregon, Idaho and Washington to discourage british colonization

- Corrected factor on clinical_thermometers_and_binaural_stethoscopes

- Improved transport network reform now grants railway tech and improves RGO eff

- Fixed bug where unciv reforms couldn't build rails/forts because of the political party rules.

- Newspaper - Should no longer print about war declared when such war is over.

- Congo provinces added to generic rubber event

- France can no longer take End The Merina Monarchy decision while either they or Madagascar ar at war.

- Fixed issue with fascists supporting all reforms even when not in power

- Gave Portugal some extra starting colonial points

- Added missing localizations for some battleplan tools descriptions.

- Less potato blight

- USA and MOR now have good (+75) relations

- USA and SIA now have positive relations with eachother

- Broke BUR-SIA relations so that they hate eachothe

- Added at least 1 CAV brigade to all of the Princely States' armies

- Corrected starting placement of FRA's West Indies and India squadrons

- Removed CLM core from Marabitanas

- Switched the 25LRs from Kariba/Kitwe provinces to Quibala/Huambo provinces

- Added GRE cores to Cyprus region

- Removed CAM core from Chanthaburi

- Removed NET core from Sekondi

- Removed PLC claims from most territories lost prior to the 3 Partitions (Estonia, Bryansk, Luhansk, Cherson regions; Chernigov and Poltava provinces)

- Gave POR a few more level 1 ports in 1836 and 1861 to help with their colonial point count

- USA now has a level 1 naval base in Boston and Washington in 1836

- Added COL core to Beatton River

- Added COL cores to uncolonized portions of the Oregon Country

- Macaronesian provinces are no longer colonial in 1836 as well as in 1861

- buffed added ports in Oporta and Beja to level 2 in 1861

- Guatemala has Mayan as an accepted culture

- Nicaragua had capital for 1861 bookmark corrected from Leon to Managua

- Paraguay now has Guarani as an accepted culture

- Added ZUL/AFG/ABU/YEM reform changes

- Fixed issue where Uruguay is a democracy with no voting rights in 1836

- Gave Pocatello and Boise to USA in 1836 to block MEX from Idaho and to give USA access to Oregon *

- Cherokee national value and literacy now correspond to those of USA, and the reforms are similar. CHE is also protestant religion in 1861. They also start civved so their reforms work as given from start.

- Seeded Russia (300), Denmark/Mexico/Netherlands/Portugal/Romania (200) and Serbia (100) with some capitalists in 1861

- Rebalanced Cherokee population in 1861 so that the vast majority is correctly placed in the Talequah province.

- The "Annex Hawaii" decision can only be done once

- Added decisions for LIB (Liberia) to become independent and to enact a constitution and get their 1861 reforms

- Enacting Webster-Ashburton Treaty now removes CAN cores from Caribou and Bangor

- Added comet sighted option

- Increased swinemunde liferating

- Infantry ammunition demand increased

- Removed US cores from Oregon

- Tweaked pop promotion factors

- Added some newspaper articles


- Performace and Stability


- Fixed CTD caused by an AI upgrading and destroying factories in the same state

- Added file versioning into naval distances cache file, so people don't have to delete manually when we do some changes in game.

- Migration tracker wasn't really freeing memory once per month for all buffers, now it does. Memory usage should no longer grow so much after several hours of playing game.

- Fixed potential crash during rebel type selection in startup.

- Fixed multiplayer out of sync caused by disbanding undermanned soldiers.

- Fixed an infinite freeze after game resign.

- Fixed an issue where some savegames could become corrupted when writing.


- AI Improvements


- Fixed a bug where extremely disproportional army sizes would cause a huge negative modifiers to alliance chance.

- AI allies more reliable in long wars.

- AI will now always accept surrender in a crisis, even if it's early.

- AI will now disband cavalry and irregulars after it civilizes.

- AI better at getting mil access to reach their enemies

- AI will now always accept mil access if it is in their strategic interest to do so

- Fixed issue where the units were sometimes stuck during invasion.

- Fixed bug where AI was offering white peace to the non-leading opponents and taking GW capitulation on their whole side.

- Several fixes to AI army management, it should try to avoid disbanding troops more now.

- AI will now make use of the encourage soldiers NF

- AI should be much better at using encourage pop NFs

- Now better at maintaining a healthy population of soldiers in general

- Will now always accept alliance with overlord if a puppet

- Will now seek to break alliances with non-overlord allies if a puppet

- Will consider attacking countries they have friendly sphere relations with if they have a valid CB

- Now better at guarding straits adjacent to their home area

- More eager to attack countries that go over the infamy limit

- Will now avoid being primary backer in a crisis if it recently led the losing side in another crisis

- Will no longer care about potential canals for the first few decades

- Will now make use of the add to sphere CB to take control of potential canals

- Fixed a bug where the AI would not offer alliances to players

- Fixed a bug with war direction in the peace AI

- Fix for UK AI disbanding its fleets in early game

- Fix for bad math in determining crisis backers (Russia backing Ottomans!)

- Revamped AI logic for dominion releasing

- Ai no longer releases half colonies like melonstralia

- Improved AI colonizing priorities and evaluation for backing down

- The british fleet is now much less prone to hiding in port and pretending enemy fleets don't exist.

- Fixed a bug where AI could white peace in a crisis where both sides had added goals.

- AIs will no longer disband armies or fleets in the first months of the game before the economy has stabilized

- AI no longer obsessed with sphering countries that control canal provinces unless they have a nearby province

- AI no longer obsessed with sphering the Kiel canal unless it has good reason to do so.

- Fixed a bug that was making the AI prioritize sphering distant uncivs over more important targets (such as union cores).

- Fixed a bug that was causing AI armies to 'freeze' in planned invasion mode while their homelands were being invaded.

- No longer interested in invading colonies unless it is a colonial war.

- Various improvements to naval and naval invasion AI.

- Fixed a bug with great war capitulation that was causing wars to never end.

- Fixed issue where AI would get stuck and not civilize because it didnt swap tracks

- Improved naval AIs ability to guard straits

- AI: Better at fortifying home owner area


- User Modding


- New on_collection.txt script file for newspapers let modders control expiry of articles

- Loading screens now takes textures from proper folders in mods.

  • Last update: Friday, May 31, 2013
  • Genre: Strategy
  • File size: 15.8 MB

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