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Wolfenstein 3D - Northern Darkness - Game mod - Download

The file Northern Darkness is a modification for Wolfenstein 3D, a(n) action game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

file size1.4 MB

last updateMonday, December 15, 2014


downloads (7 days)4

Free download

Northern Darkness is a mod for Wolfenstein 3D, created by necronita.


Northern Darkness is a metalhead retro game letting you dive into a mad, nihilistic world of dark metal music yet taking it over the top with cynic fun-elements.


The darkness arises under the moonlight as clouds go by and everything is soaked in blackness. It is one of these cold and gloomy winter nights where a drunken guy roams through the empty streets. It was one hell of a day and soon it would lead to an infernal battle against a bunch of mindless fanatics. His underground metal band got tricked into a sinister contract with a big obscure music label, however it was a bad deal and a deadly trap. Sven Wacken, the chief of the label, is the leader of the Anti-Metal Christians. An utter insane but also dangerous person who tries to eliminate every metal band of the world....

The mod has is a standalone release, with itís own exe file. Just extract the archive anywhere and launch NorD.EXE. You donít need to own Wolfenstein 3D to play this game.

The game works in older Windows versions. Otherwise Dosbox (or another emulator) is required is required to play.

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