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Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Final Revelations v.2 - Game mod - Download

The file Final Revelations v.2 is a modification for Amnesia: The Dark Descent, a(n) adventure game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

file size242 MB

last updateThursday, May 28, 2015


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Free download

Final Revelations is a mod for Amnesia: The Dark Descent, created by Kaernk.

You take the role as Lee Hawkins, a young man from Cyprus who goes on a trip to Gothfair Village in hope to solve the mysterious events that has occurred in and around the village.

Lee, just like his grandfather, believe the events may have something to do with the remains of the Crusaders influence. Little does he know that this trip will reveal more than he could ever imagine.

This story is based on all my previous work and stories by various authors. What happened to the characters in Alma, Brutal lies and Cursed souls will be explained in this story.


This is a regular story, NOT a full conversion! And you DON'T need Machine for pigs patch to play this story.

Also please notice that this mod, while it has scary moments, focus a lot on the story line and puzzles. If you like long mods with a unique story, this is the right one for you.

If you only want simple puzzles and don't care about the story line at all, then this is not the right mod for you.

The story is long and will take hours to complete.


- Several chapters (the story will take hours to complete)

- Detailed levels and a lot of different enviroments

- Bars, stores, hotels, night/daytime, eastereggs and money

- Custom items, monsters and music

- A lot of voice acting

- Unique story line

- NPC's (You're not the only one alive in this story)

- Morality system

To install:

Extract into ...Amnesia - The Dark Descent\redist\custom_stories"

  • Last update: Thursday, May 28, 2015
  • Genre: Adventure
  • File size: 242 MB

Report problems with download to [email protected]

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