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Rome: Total War - Rome: Total War Enhanced Plus v.2 - Game mod - Download

The file Rome: Total War Enhanced Plus v.2 is a modification for Rome: Total War, a(n) strategy game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

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last updateSunday, July 8, 2018


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Rome: Total War Enhanced is a mod for Rome: Total War, created by xcmhx.


This mod keeps the "vanilla" feel of the base game and adds a ton of features. The base game map has not been changed much but it has been extended to the far east. The Macedonian faction has been replaced with that of the Alexander official expansion. Some unit stats and traits have been altered. Almost all units have a captain or flag bearer. Unit production has been changed for all factions. Many more features.

Some key features:

  1. Night battles
  2. Alexander Macedon faction reskin (minus Alexander himself)
  3. New mercenary units
  4. New units added for more diversity and fantasy units removed (e.g. gladiators)
  5. New captain units and standard bearers even for Factions that had none before
  6. Most captains have shields, even mounted ones
  7. New and different provinces added to the map and it has been expanded east to India
  8. Faction starting locations altered
  9. Unit recruitment has been modified
  10. Building trees have been modified
  11. New imperial campaign selection map
  12. Some factions names changed (e.g. Germans are now Suebi)
  13. Pontus and Macedon are unlockable in the campaign and have their own campaign descriptions
  14. Culture specific user-interfaces and menus
  15. Culture specific diplomats, spies, and assassins
  16. Resource locations have been modified map-wide
  17. Every Roman faction can build any of the Roman themed temple buildings
  18. Some units have been reskinned (e.g. Spartans) and all have appropriate vanilla style unit cards and unit info screens
  19. Stats for most units have been modified (e.g. 0 armor for naked warriors)
  20. Indian units have been included for the Indian provinces
  21. Added artillary units to factions that previously had none
  22. New unit animations (e.g. Gladius stabbing from behind shield for Legionaries)
  23. Pikes have been shortened and some units that used to be phalanx capable are now traditional spear units (e.g. German spears are now basic spearmen)
  24. Rebel towns have all been given a huge defensive upgrade to boost the difficulty for the player and prevent the AI from growing too fast early on
  25. Each rebel town has its own unique identity and appropriate garrison to simulate multiple independent factions
  26. Artillary has been strengthened especially flaming projectiles

Mod offers an installer.

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