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Fallout 3 - Sprint v.1.0 - Game mod - Download

The file Sprint v.1.0 is a modification for Fallout 3, a(n) rpg game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

file size1.8 MB

last updateSunday, February 21, 2016


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Sprint is a mod for modyfikacja do Fallout 3, created by Lork.



Adds a sprint button. Now you can run freely around the wastes like you've always wanted to, limited only by your action points.



With FOSE: The sprint key replaces the run key. Simply hold down run to sprint. -OR- If you would like to preserve the functionality of the run key, you can set a custom keybinding from the control settings menu of the pedometer.

Without FOSE: In NoFOSE mode, you must bind the Sprint Hotkey / Pedometer in your inventory to a hotkey. To start sprinting, press the sprint hotkey and then move forward. To stop sprinting, press the hotkey again. To bind a hotkey, hold down a number key while viewing the inventory and click on the item you want to bind. You can set a sprint delay in the settings menu of the pedometer, which will allow you to run for a certain amount of time without sprinting. So if you choose a delay of 2 you'll need to run forward for 2 seconds before you start sprinting.

For both: Sprinting takes action points, and if you run out, you'll have to wait for them to recharge. The more endurance you have, the less AP it takes to sprint, and the more agility you have, the faster you'll go. The amount of weight you're carrying also affects your speed. There are certain situations in which you will be unable to sprint, such as when your legs are broken, or when you're overencumbered. Various screen effects are used to enhance the sense of speed. For a readout of your speed and distance potential and access to various settings, use the Pedometer located in the apparel section of your inventory.


Sprint into a hostile enemy (they have to be hostile) to attempt to tackle them. Your strength and unarmed skill will be compared to their strength and endurance, and if you win, they'll be knocked over. If you lose by too much you might be knocked down yourself, so watch out! Attempting a tackle takes 1/4 of your AP, so don't waste it all on the way there.

To install this mod use Nexus Mod Manager.

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