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Victoria II: Heart of Darkness - Victoria 2 Cold War Enhancement Mod v.1.06 - Game mod - Download

The file Victoria 2 Cold War Enhancement Mod v.1.06 is a modification for Victoria II: Heart of Darkness, a(n) strategy game. Download for free.

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last updateMonday, November 20, 2017


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Victoria 2 Cold War Enhancement Mod is a mod for Victoria II: Heart of Darkness, created by settintotrieste.


A short summary of the mod:

CWE is a mod that aims to provide a polished overall Cold War era gameplay.

The changes include:

1. A rework of the in-game economy to enhance stability and allow smaller nations to possess more reasonable industrial scores.

2. Revised decolonisation chains for more dynamism and historical accuracy.

3. Additions of dynamic international institutions to more accurately simulate the post WW2 world.

4. Revision of country names and flags to be more in line with historical ones.

5. Additions of 2 new government types, Dominion Government & Special Administrative Region to enhance flavour.

6. Revised the current ideologies into more functional groups (Right, Left, Centre, Centre Right, Populist & Nationalists) to allow for more dynamic and accurate voting to ruling party trends.

7. Greater probability of revolutions in unstable countries.

8. Review of prestige allocation to each country to better reflect both their soft power and hard power as a whole.

9. Graphical updates.

10. Reworked many of the Cold War features.

11. Reverted back to the old state configuration.

12. Accurate simulation of a Bipolar Cold War world

13. A lot of other fixes and minor additions.

Due to the increasingly complicated nature of the mechanics introduced into the mod, crashes are to be expected from time to time. While I will try to fix as many as I can, there is no gurantee that I can fix them all.

Start dates avaliable in CWE:


1992 (Still under review, expect much more problems)

East vs West Start Date 1946

From Settin to Trieste, an Iron curtain is decending upon europe. Germany is divided in between the victorious nations from World War 2, the United States, the Soviet Union, the UK, and France. In south of Europe a power struggle in between communists and governments is raging. Italy is edging between Communism and Democracy. In Greece a civil war is raging with communists in the north and government control in the south. Eastern Europe is under the Soviet orbit and with each passing moment the USSR's stranglehold increases. In Asia, Iran is struggling to regain control over the northern part of the county. China is engulfed in the Chinese Civil War between the nationalists and the communists. Manchuria is occupied by the Soviet Union and Korea is divided between the USA and USSR. Japan is under American occupation. The Vietminh has rebelled against their French colonial overlords while in South East Asia the Dutch are struggling to maintain control over their empire and with it the era of decolonisation has begun. The Old World has been swept aside in the storm of war and a new one is taking shape but for better or worse this is the American Century.

New World Order Start Date 1992

"Gorbachev tear down this wall!" Few would have thought that the Iron Curtain would have fallen so quickly but yet it did. This sparked a chain reaction that reverberated throughout the world and started the decent of the USSR into a pulpit of pandemonium that would culminate into its desolution. American is now the world hagemon. However it will not last long in this new multi-polar world with the rise of new centres of power in the ambitious and populace east. China and India are aspiring to seize the top spot and end the American hagemony though soft and hard power. And with globalization and the shift in geopolitical power towards the east, this is increasingly not a matter of if but when. In this renewed competitiive multipolar world, nations will join what initially are trade blocks, and eventually in some cases large centralized union states like the European Union, the South American Union and the African Union to keep up with the world. In light of these developments, the end of the Cold War can hardly have said to deliver the decisive realisation of international peace but it still has profundly altered our world and whether it is for the better or worse is up to you. This is the beginning of the New World Order.

To install:

Extract into. „C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Victoria 2\mod” and activate in menu.

Report problems with download to [email protected]

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