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Medal of Honor: Airborne - HER Airborne - Game mod - Download

The file HER Airborne is a modification for Medal of Honor: Airborne, a(n) action game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

file size1.7 MB

last updateMonday, November 20, 2017


downloads (7 days)43

Free download

HER Airborne is a mod for Medal of Honor: Airborne, created by Hajas. If you like it, then consider supporting the author through Petreon.


Hajas Extreme Realism is a Realism MOD to MOH Airborne created to simulate the balanced gameplay with realism of Spearhead.


. Multiplayer Support! 100% compatible with Dedicated Servers!

. Lean in MP is equal as SP

. Falling Damage improved

. No more Airdrop Protection! You can be killed in the Air!

. Well balanced and deadly weapons!

. Balanced and Fair game! You have the SAME health of your enemies!

. Stars Re-Balanced to Match with Realism

. If you was shot in the Arms or Legs, you will survive!

. If you was shot in the Torax, Back or Head, you are dead.

. Explosions improved! Stay away of nades and charges!

. Less amount of Granades and Ammo, the same to the packs on the floor.

. Press F1 to Remove all your HUD to make this even more realistic!

. Press F2 to Remove the Radar!

. Press F3 to Show the Radar!

. Chat Location Changed

. Many small changes in the Messages

In this archive you will find two versions of the mod for game with all the official patches for game without any of the patches.

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7 days

Medal of Honor: Airborne demo 1303.7 MB 8/23/2007 30.1K 62
Medal of Honor: Airborne - v.1.2 - v.1.3 patch 1073 MB 3/8/2008 12K 46
Medal of Honor: Airborne - HER Airborne mod 1.7 MB 11/20/2017 747 43
Medal of Honor: Airborne - v.1.2 patch 1329.4 MB 12/14/2007 5.7K 18