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MechWarrior 3 - MechWarrior 3 Resolution Patch - Game mod - Download

The file MechWarrior 3 Resolution Patch is a modification for MechWarrior 3, a(n) action game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

file size4.6 MB

last updateMonday, January 9, 2017


downloads (7 days)13

Free download

MechWarrior 3 Resolution Patch is a mod for MechWarrior 3, created by Teleguy.


This mod adds widescreen and high-res support to the game.



Depending on your monitor's aspect ratio extract the contents of the 4x3, 16x9 or 16x10 folder to the Mechwarrior 3 directory. Make backups of the original files if necessary.

Note: The following mods (by AncientxFreako) are currently incompatible and will be overwritten:

-Weapons module

-All previous (old) weapons mods

-Instant Action New Locations

AncientxFreako wants to provide updates to these mods to make them compatible at a later date. Other mods may also be affected.


Manual Patching (optional and unsupported)

Mech3.exe included with the mod is based on the official patch 1.2. If you want to use a different version of Mech3.exe as base, say a no-CD one or EOP's Res Fix, you can try patching that exe with one of the patch tools supplied in the "Manual Patching" folder.


Known issues:

-1152x864 is resolution broken on some systems?

-Accessing options from within the pause menu crashes the game if the vertical resolution exceeds 1000

-2560x1440 is only usable with a wrapper,

either dgVoodoo 2 ( or Wined3d (



Exe modifications, Launcher -teleguy

Hud adjustments -AncientxFreako

Report problems with download to