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Star Wars: Battlefront II - Realistic Kashyyyk - Game mod - Download

The file Realistic Kashyyyk is a modification for Star Wars: Battlefront II, a(n) action game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

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last updateTuesday, August 6, 2019


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Realistic Kashyyyk is a mod for Star Wars: Battlefront II (the one from 2005 roku), created by Harrisonfog and Javitolo98.

Description (in authors’ own words):

Check description for installation tutorial. Used the movies and the new Battlefront series aesthetics for reference. Please use with Graphics Mod.


Javitolo98 : CIS and REP vehicle props, new platforms and Wookie houses and buildings placing.

Harrisonfog: Texture work, object placing correction, new vegetation and rocks placig.

What's been improved:

• Everything! All the textures are HD now

• Improved the look of sand.

• Greatly improved the rocks and foliage.

• More variety of plants (Credits: Gogie)

• Completely new HD sky (Cloudy as seen in EPIII).

• Added a background inspired by Kashyyyk : Docs BF1 Map.


• Downed republic juggernaut

• CIS lander on the droids side

• Landed Republic Star Destroyer

• Foggy/Cloudy weather as seen in EP3 Battle of Kashyyyk

• Vegetation and Rocks increased variety and quantity

• Movie accurate platforms and huts


Go to "Star Wars - Battlefront 2\GameData\data\_lvl_pc\kas" then rename the original kas2.lvl (as a backup) and place my kas2.lvl instead.

Report problems with download to [email protected]

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