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Assassin's Creed Origins - Better Icons v.1.0 - Game mod - Download

The file Better Icons v.1.0 is a modification for Assassin's Creed Origins, a(n) action game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

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last updateSunday, September 2, 2018


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Free download

Better Icons is a mod for Assassin's Creed Origins, created by BrunoHM.

Description (in authorís own words):

Icons in the AC: Origins are too simple and small to be visable in the colorful world map we have. Thinking about this, I made a simple mod that changes the icons to the style of AC 2.

The mod changes the icons for:


Locations not discovered

Ptolemy Statues




If you have any suggestions for any other icon I should change...well, feel free to say! I wish to change all of them to fit this style eventually.


You must have the "Resorep" program. If you already used it before and have Origins hooked, just jump to step 9.

Download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable from Download Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 from Official Microsoft Download Center

Download and install Windows x64 version of Java Runtime Environment from Java SE Runtime Environment 8 - Downloads

Launch resorep.jar - double click it in Windows Explorer.

Make sure that your Windows user has write rights for game folder!

Click the "+" button in the "Applications to hook" section.

Choose the game executable. Not the game launcher but game itself.

[Optional] Change "Load modded textures from" path if you wish.

You may close the resorep.jar application now.

Find and download modded textures

Unpack and copy modded textures into folder specified by "Load modded textures from" path.

Launch the game.


Just delete the images!

Report problems with download to [email protected]

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