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Far Cry 2 - Far Cry 2.5: Remastered (New Dunia) v.16.9g - Game mod - Download

The file Far Cry 2.5: Remastered (New Dunia) v.16.9g is a modification for Far Cry 2, a(n) action game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

file size326.4 MB

last updateSunday, August 2, 2020


downloads (7 days)33

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Far Cry 2 New Dunia is a mod for Far Cry 2, created by dannyhl2.

Description (in authorís own words):

A Mod For Rookies Mercs and Old Timers who want to set foot on this everlasting conflict but beautiful land, Based on the well-known "Far Cry Real Mod", but with some clever twists and turns and a New Graphics Setting! (NOT SweetFX )

All the Differences are listed below:

1) Difference from the "Real Mod" :

1.No more pick up weapon as a special slot,everything goes back to the vanilla FC2 now.

2.Player health is unchanged, but kept the regen delay from real mod.

3.A more reasonable AI tweaks.

4.Enemy fight each other, but only in act two. (to keep it consistent with the plot itself)

5.Enemy weapon will changed as the plot goes on or your infamous level goes up, no more hi power rifle all around at start, also the probability is tweaked.

6.Enemy use all kinds of weaponry except : DLC weapons, Dart Rifle,Flare Gun(not for offensive use)

7.Something more but i can't remember.

2) New Features in New Dunia :


1. A moded Makarov : Now it has a 12 rounds clip and a 3-round burst fire mode. Also it won't be available at start, players need to unlock it.

2.Star.45 : It's your starting weapon now, it's now packs with more impact but less accuracy.

3.Silent Makarov: It's a all silent weapon now! (Same stealth level as the Dart Rifle!)

4.A moded AR-15 : Now shooting in 4 round burst mode , and with a clip of 31 rounds.

5.FNFAL : It has a 20 rounds clips now, but will be much more powerful.

6.Silent shotgun : Now with 5 rounds clip size.

7.Sawed off shotgun : Shot more pellet, but spread a lot wider! (horizontal, not vertical)

8. Mp5: Uses SMG ammo now, with a little recoil added.

9. Dart Rifle : Gives it more ammo, but it's NOT one hit kill anymore! (A shot for the head or torso is a must, shooting limbs only immobilized them!) [ Featured in v1.1s]

10.MGL140: Fire Rate has been decreased, with a little recoil added.

11.All grenade launcher weapons are not one hit kills to the vehicles, you need 2 shots to bust a jeep![V1.3]

12.Flamethrower : More real life like, means more range, more actual physic, but fuel consumed even more faster!

13. No more cutting animation for the Machete, now you slice and slash your way through!

14.No auto reload for some weapon: Sniper rifles, Machine Guns, silent weapons and all the launchers,now you got to reload it manually.

15.New graphic effect to the M67 grenade, now there's no throwing white lines, only keeps(and changed) the subtle moving tracer![V1.3]


1.Player are now very vulnerable to FIRE now!

2.Can jump higher and climb steep slope, but at a reasonable rate.(We are not doing parkour here)


1.Enemy will use the unoccupied Unimog to hunt you down now!

2.Enemy use FLAMETHROWER ! (Tweaked version only for the enemy, it's so fucking deadly now just like the real one, now you feel their pain.)

3. Enemy use Incendiary Grenade at you. (Tweaked version only for the enemy.)

4. Patrol enemy use variable of weapons now.

5.Increase enemy hearing range.

6.Less car chasing. [V1.3]


1.Some weapon get a lot cheaper as its very common to some country, but also some hi-tech end level weapon will be very expensive, so save your money well.

2.Most Mission gives you more money, also some none rewarded mission give rewards now.

3.Side job is now a great way to earn some quick cash.

4. Reliability Manuals are now very expensive , choose wisely.

5.Reliability Manuals will make your weapon last longer, but the jamming time with be almost unchanged(To make you enjoy this unique feature ;)

6.Max carrying ammo is now 1~2 clips max to all weapons except: Pistol,SMG,Launcher,Dart Rifle,some shotgun ; if you want to carry more ammo, you need to buy the upgrade.

7.Enemy drops little ammo, so scouting post for ammo crate is almost a must if you are expecting a tough fight.

8.Less chance for enemy to drop grenade at higher difficulty.

9.Player on the map will be represent as a Dot than the arrow, but all the location icons are preserved.

10.Some weapons picked up from the enemy is totally trash and will break down very fast!(so you can't have free powerful weapons)[V1.3]

11.Enemy patrol man will use RPG or CarlGustav on you ass, so watch out! [V1.3]

12. Rain will have less effect on bush fire, it takes longer to put them out.


1.A new setting i called "Beyond Ultra" for the Ultra setting user, it's NOT a sweetFX or a preset, it's actually a bunch of settings that put the game engine to run at almost MAX Image quality, and it works in DX9/DX10. (Every options need to set to Ultra High, need more test in stabilization and trying out more possibility still)

2.An additional graphic boost for the DX9 user in Ultra high setting . (For those who are having issues and didn't want to apply the DX10 mode.) [ Featured in v1.2a]

3.Better textures quality! [V1.3]

4.More physics! [V1.3]

5.Additional EAX file for audio improvement. [V1.3]

PS. The DX10 render sometimes glitch out in the Beyond Ultra setting, so if you are experiencing glitches like no shadow casting, please roll back to DX9!

To install simply overwrite your original patch.dat,patch.fat and dunia.dll With the same file in this mod, as for the folder in the mod pack it is for re-modded use(Everyone is welcomed to make your own mod with this, its not needed for activing this mod), the "Burning Africa" is a bonus mod i made for player who finish the game with the original mod.

Report problems with download to [email protected]

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