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Total War: Attila - Pergamon - Game mod - Download

The file Pergamon is a modification for Total War: Attila, a(n) strategy game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

file size12.2 MB

last updateWednesday, March 13, 2019


downloads (7 days)3

Free download

Pergamon is a mod for Total War: Attila, created by Doomon15. If you like this mod please consider supporting itís author through PayPal.


A new map for multiplayer battle set recreating the famous Pergamon, which was a rich and powerful ancient Greek city in Aeolis.

This mod is a part of Doomon 15's Attila TW Battlemaps project, in which the creator has released big batches of maps for manual installation for people who donít want to use Steam Workshop.


Just unpack into Attila Total Wars Data Directory and you should see it in the mod menu when you launch.

This mod requires you to install Rome 2 Building models for maps pack first.

Report problems with download to

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