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Wargame: Red Dragon - Wargame: 1991 v.0.99BGA1A1 - Game mod - Download

The file Wargame: 1991 v.0.99BGA1A1 is a modification for Wargame: Red Dragon, a(n) strategy game. Download for free.

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Wargame: 1991 is a mod for Wargame: Red Dragon, created by 1991 Dev Team.

Description (in authorsí own words):

Itís 1991, and communism didnít fall. Now, the world stands on the brink of a war...

WARGAME 1991 is an extensive modification of Red Dragon that updates each nationís arsenal to their 1991 capabilities. The armoury is no longer filled with rusting T-34s and prototypes abandoned in the 1970s: Instead, troops are armed with the most modern equipment their armies could field: Infantry carry modern rifles and cutting edge anti-tank weapons, tanks load the most powerful rounds their nations can procure, and planes bristle with high-tech weapons and jammers.

Each nation has been reworked to be both a realistic picture of its real-world capabilities and function as a stand-alone fighting force. Major features include:

The Netherlands are joined by 17 Belgian and Luxembourgish units, forming†BeNeLux,

Australia and New Zealand are joined by 20 units from Malaysia and Singapore, as†ANZMYS, representing part of the Five Powers Defence Arrangement

A hard cutoff of December 1991: Nations fight with what they had, not super-tanks from the late 90s (with allowances made for Czechoslovakia, East Germany, and Poland).

Gameplay Improvements

WARGAME: 1991†implements a wide selection of improvements to gameplay, including:

When disabling their radar to hide from SEAD, many anti-aircraft systems can continue to fire with degraded performance,

Some artillery pieces can choose between using cluster or unitary high-explosive warheads when firing a salvo,

Napalm is now a very dangerous weapon against infantry, even in cover,

15-man strong squads have increased rates of fire to represent the value of extra rifles.

Standardized machine guns on all infantry,

All helicopters now land at the same speed, removing the burden of using heavy lifters,

Unused infantry and plane voices have been brought back,

Refurbished maps in addition to your old favourites,

And more!

Units with unique features have these represented, including:

The Soviet Tor system can shoot laser-guided bombs out of the sky.

The IDF Keres launcher shoots anti-radiation missiles from the safety of your artillery bases, serving as ground-based SEAD

Nations and Coalitions with no SEAD planes can still spot enemy radars with their special ELINT units.

<br>WARGAME: 1991ís visual improvements include:

New skins

New unit cards

New weapon icons

You can choose to replace the RTS-style icons with authentic Warsaw Pact icons, for the ultimate PACT immersion

You Can Help Us!

Weíre proud of†WARGAME: 1991, but it could be better. You can help us by:

Reporting bugs,

Playing the mod and telling us what you think about the gameplay and balance,

Making skins: not all the new units have yet received skins,

Taking screenshots of your favourite unit in action: we can use the screenshots to make new unit cards

<br>Join us in our†Discord server†and tell us what you think!

To install:

Extract to gameís folder and run WargameModManager.exe. Which means the whole archive will be extracted to separate folder inside gameís main directory. If it tries to overwrite anything then youíre doing it wrong.

Then launch WargameModManager.exe and choose the mod.

If you have problems o en settings.ini with notepad and make sure the path is correct (it should be the same as your Wargame folder path)

Report problems with download to

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