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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - The Ultimate Sekiro Re-Balance v.1.1 - Game mod - Download

The file The Ultimate Sekiro Re-Balance v.1.1 is a modification for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, a(n) action game. Download for free.

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last updateMonday, May 6, 2019


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The Ultimate Sekiro Re-Balance is a mod for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, created by BabyChangbin.

Description (In authorís own words):

The Ultimate Re-Balance of Sekiro. This mod will address a huge section of Sekiro's gameplay and will aim to make Prosthetics much more viable out of their niche uses, make combat arts that cost emblems more friendly to use, give you a higher capacity of emblems, and many many more changes to make the game much more open to versatility in combat!

Installation instructions: Alls you need to do to get this thing working in your game is to drag the ENTIRE "param" and "event" folder into your "mods" folder. If you already have a "param" folder in there, then just place the .dcx file inside of it.

Update changes have an * before them.

Complete list of changes made to the game in my mod:

ALL Prosthetic tools that deal damage have their damage increased in increments that increase per upgrade. (My Better Sabimaru and Spear mods are both implemented here)

Most tools have also had their spirit embem costs lowered to encourage players to use the prosthetic more often during combat.

ALL Combat arts that use spirit emblems have had their costs lowered.

ALL Ninjutsus have had their emblem costs lowered.

ALL Spiritfalls have had their emblem costs lowered.

ALL Sugars/Spiritfalls have had their durations extended.

*Yashariku's Sugar now cuts player hp by 25% instead of 50%.

Living force's flame buff on the player's sword now lasts for 20 seconds instead of 7.5 seconds.

Bestowal's buff now lasts 45 seconds instead of 30 seconds.

The player can now hold a total of 10 pellets on their person.

The Maximum capacity of Spirit Emblems has been increased to 50 so that players can use prosthetics and combat arts more often during combat. (Credit to Yohnnny for creating this mod!)

*(FIXED) The tutorials will no longer appear. (Credit to TKGP for creating this mod!)

The homeward idol will now take only 1 second to activate. (Credit to highsouled for making this mod!)

*The combat arts Praying Strikes and Senpou Leaping Kicks have been removed and now unlocking these skills will grant you Dragon Flash instead of Praying Strikes, and One Mind instead of Senpou Leaping Kicks.

*The Lazulite Sabimaru now retains its blue saya.


Concerning the 50 Spirit Emblem Capacity change: Every time you unlock an upgrade for a prosthetic tool, your emblem count will go up by 1. This is a very finicky area to fiddle around with, so these changes only take place if the upgrades are unlocked AFTER the mod is installed. So if you have a save file with all upgrades and whatnot, your emblem count won't be able to be increased on that save file and you will need to have a fresh character for the emblem count to be able to increase. (Also note that there is a bug where the player will start the game with 50 emblem capacity if the mod is not installed AFTER the player installs their first prosthetic tool and gains access to spirit emblems)

Concerning the Praying Strikes and Senpou Leaping Kicks Combat Arts Replacement changes: There is an issue where the 2 Combat Arts cannot be purchased while my mod is installed. Unfortunately the only fix I have for that is just removing my mod beforehand to purchase those skills and then reinstall it once you've purchased them and you'll have Dragon Flash and One Mind then.

The Spiral Spear in particular seems to have a small bug which results in a very unique mechanic that I actually quite like. When the hit with Spiral Spear connects perfectly at the tip of the spear (what seems to be maximum range) the attack will have its damage hit twice. I've tried to figure out what causes this to happen, but had no luck, so for now its a new mechanic that only seems to happen on the Spiral Spear upgrade.

PLEASE refrain from asking me to implement any sorts of changes along the lines of 2 hour confetti or flame buff, or anything of an extreme nature such as that. I UNDERSTAND that its not my decision to tell you what to do to your game, but for my mod, I designed all of these changes to BALANCE the game, and changes of an extreme nature are not something that I PERSONALLY want MY MOD to have. If you want to use those changes with my mod, I ask you to please go about making those changes inside of Yapped yourself, as they aren't that complicated to do. Please be considerate of my time and effort put into making AND testing all of the changes to make sure that they are all working properly and not busting the balance of the game. I have nothing against changes that are crazy and whatnot, in fact, I think they are a ton of fun to mess around with. I just personally don't want to include anything like that with my mod since its goal is to re-balance the game. I hope you guys can understand my view point on this. Thank you! :)


Hey did you guys know that the new official game patch buffed the Spiral Cloud Passage combat art and it's pretty much the best combat art in the game when used in conjunction with the Living Force flame buff? Crazy stuff man... Try it out!

This mod requires Sekiro Mod Engine

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