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NiOh - Ansel block remover v.1.0 - Game mod - Download

The file Ansel block remover v.1.0 is a modification for NiOh, a(n) rpg game. Download for free.

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last updateSunday, June 2, 2019

Free download

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Ansel block remover is a mod for NiOh, created by SkacikPL.


This is a .dll proxy mod meant to runtime patch the game (official 1.21.04 Steam version) to disable Ansel entry blocks such as menus and cutscenes.

With this mod installed you will be able to enter Ansel at any time.

Installation and usage

Simply drop the dinput8.dll to your Nioh installation directory (same folder as nioh.exe and nioh_launcher.exe) and launch the game as you normally would.

To remove the mod simply delete the dinput8.dll file.

Upon successful hooking (about 40 seconds after game boot) game window should change title to Nioh 1.21.04 - Ansel block removed to indicate that the block has been removed correctly.

Other notes

Whilst being able to enter Ansel during cutscenes, you won't be able to set any of camera parameters including positon/rotation as the game constantly forces its own set of parameters during cutscenes.

You won't get blocked from online play due to using this mod.

This mod will not remove camera distance leashing and collision with environment.

  • Last update: Sunday, June 2, 2019
  • Genre: RPG
  • File size: 106.4 KB

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