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Mass Effect 2 - Flash's Mass Effect 2 Mod v.1.0.1 - Game mod - Download

The file Flash's Mass Effect 2 Mod v.1.0.1 is a modification for Mass Effect 2, a(n) rpg game. Download for free.

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last updateSunday, February 2, 2020

Free download

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Flash's Mass Effect 2 Mod is a mod for†Mass Effect 2, created by†Ifrit.


The purpose of this mod is to save the playerís time spent on the scanning minigame, to balance a few aspects of the game and to make the gameplay closer to the gameís lore.


Jacobís weapon loadout changed to assault rifle + heavy pistol due to his military training,

non-combat storm stamina and regeneration 5x original value,

like in ME1 shields donít block powers anymore, making gameplay closer to the lore,

second playthrough resource bonus increased to 500000, making planet scanning unnecessary,

planet scanning speed is equal as when the scanner is not active,

money bonus from imported savegame moved to second playthrough bonus category to make it available in NG+,

Geth Pulse Rifle damage 2.5x of original value, this ups its DPS to the same level as the Avenger Rifle's (originally Geth Pulse Rifle's base damage and DPS are the lowest of all the equipable guns in the game),

enemy shields and barriers (not armor) set as rechargable to remove playerís unfair advantage over AI,

shields donít absorb full damage on break anymore (example; before, having 1 shield point would absorb any ammount of damage on last hit before reducing health),

added 20 top rated male face presets and 30 top rated female presets, faces codes from

all ingame cinematics set as skippable. (NOTE: although all cinematics are set as skippable, some of them ignore settings from ini file and can't be skipped in game. Can't do anything about it, the game decides by itself in this case)

logo cinematics disabled

Optional tweak in seperate Coalesced.ini version:

health regeneration 100x slower to enforce medigel usage (NOTE: some players claim that one can't heal Shepard in ME2 with medigel. Of course you can heal him, you just need to buy Trauma Module upgrade)

Reasonings for above changes:

Jacob is an ex-Alliance soldier. All soldiers are proficient with rifles. His original weapon loadout doesnít have much sense and makes him underpowered. Jacob also uses an assault rifle in the Mass Effect Galaxy game.

You can save time when running around outside of combat.

This tweak makes almost all skills equally worth learning. Itís also closer to ME lore where shields and armor canít block biotics and tech abilities, only barriers can.

Scanning planets is fun during the first playthrough but I have enough of it now, when I finished the game and Iím playing it again.

Scanner is slow, almost annoying. This tweak helps to save time.

Originally when you repeat the game via NG+ you lose all bonuses from imported character.

Originally Geth Pulse Rifleís base damage and DPS are the lowest of all the equipable guns in the game. This tweak makes it just the same as the Avenger Rifleís. This also makes Geth Troopers as dangerous as rifle-wielding mercenaries.

If Shepardís shields regenerate, why enemy shields shouldnít? In ME1 every enemyís shield regenerates just like Shepardís. Having an unfair advantage over AI is not fun.

This tweak makes shields work just like they did in ME1.


Just to make it clear; the fact that cutscene can be skipped, doesn't mean that you must skip them. It only means you can. I'm saying this because some people think that this mod forces them to do it. It doesn't.



Even on Insanity Iíve never had to use a medigel. With this tweak I still donít have to because a good player will stay in cover when his shields are down, but using unity is now finally worth the cooldown on a few occasions. This tweak is meant to discourage recklessness. From the lore point of view, you are still healing on the battlefield as it is intended but no longer you possess a supernatural instant troll-like healing powers. Medigel helps clothing blood and closing wounds but it won't magically bring a soldier from near-death state to perfect condition in split second when in cover.

For installation Instructions consult thr readme file.

  • Last update: Sunday, February 2, 2020
  • Genre: RPG
  • File size: 161.1 KB
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