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The Witcher - Female Vigilante v.2 - Game mod - Download

The file Female Vigilante v.2 is a modification for The Witcher, a(n) rpg game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

file size403.1 MB

last updateSunday, February 2, 2020


downloads (7 days)36

Free download

Female Vigilante is a mod for Watch Dogs , created by ShevNR.


Turning Clara Lille into Vigilante of Chicago city.


There are 5 types of install in v2 version.

1. <<I have Living City 1.9 already>> - if you have modification Living City 1.9.x by The Silver, you can unpack their .fat archive, replace given files from folder to patch's folder then pack again.

2. <<I saw on your screenshots some modded patch, I take it>> - modded by me patch, that includes different modifciations and Female Vigilante too of course. About it you can read more in that folder

3. <<I take vanilla patch>> - vanilla game with Female Vigilante

4. <<I want to merge by myself>> - if you had/have experience with modding, you can merge mod with your own patch. Loose file

5. <<Just give me clear complete files for the patch>> - just compiled vanilla files. Loose file




Set compability on watch_dogs.exe with Windows 7/8/10, should be fine.

It's need to do because game will crash if you don't do this. Game doesn't support custom models and this is way to fix crashes.




Version 1:

Edited all 50 outfits for Aiden, now it's Clara. Didn't edited exclusive outfits.

Clara's pain voice.

Sandbox mod inside (created by KekAnTing):

Added all vehicles to Cars On Demand (including Helicopters)

Added NPCs to cloth store

Added new guns to the gun shop (including NVZN gun)

Version 2:

Working Clara's coat physics

Mod works in low and high level of detail

High textures quality

94 new outfits

Improved models

3 hairstyles in almost each outfit: original, long and ponytail

Unique materials for models

Replaced Aiden prologue and prisoner models.

Clara's pain voice.

Sandbox mod inside (created by KekAnTing):

Added all vehicles to Cars On Demand (including Helicopters)

Added NPCs to cloth store

Added new guns to the gun shop (including NVZN gun)

All outfits can be bought in cloth shops.




Because Clara's model smaller that Aiden's model, a lot of things that Clara holding in game/cutscene wrong positioned. It's can't be fixed. :(

Report problems with download to [email protected]

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