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Far Cry 2 - Far Cry 2: Vanilla+ (Tom's Mod) v.4.0 - Game mod - Download

The file Far Cry 2: Vanilla+ (Tom's Mod) v.4.0 is a modification for Far Cry 2, a(n) action game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

file size68.8 MB

last updateSaturday, August 1, 2020


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Far Cry 2: Vanilla+ (Tom's Mod) is a mod for Far Cry 2, created by boggalog.

Description (in author’s own words):

Far Cry 2: Vanilla+ (Tom's Mod)

This mod brings the vanilla Far Cry 2 experience up to date for 2020. Tom’s Mod improves the graphics, rebalances weapons, adds quality of life improvements, fixes bugs, unlocks dlc and makes subtle changes to the gameplay to add more flavour and variety while preserving the original feel of the game. By focussing more on fewer changes I aim to provide as bug free an experience as possible.


Improved graphics – further draw distance with improved LOD, better shadows, increased decals, custom reshade.

Weapon changes – either the flare gun or IEDs are usable as gadgets, the MP5 is a secondary, buffed shotguns, buffed pistols, various weapon fixes.

Gameplay changes – silent machete assassinations, enemies and buddies use more weapons, diverse patrols, dynamic enemies, enemy infighting, different colours for DLC vehicles, faster vehicles, better stealth, more stamina, more diamonds in briefcases.

Bug fixes – restored truck sounds, restored infamous healing animations, jackal tape fix.

Unlocked dlc – predecessor tapes, homemade and primitive machetes.

Optional feature that disables quicksave and saving from the pause menu - limiting saving to safehouses, gun shops, bus stops and mission givers.

Full feature list:

Improved graphics

My personal “Colourful Far Cry 2” reshade configuration - simple and lightweight, this is Far Cry 2 with vibrant colours. No messy post-processing.

No blinking items.

All decals (bullet holes/machete cuts) are permanent until you leave the area.

Play on DX9 for improved, longer grass.

The frame rate has been left unlocked but playing without vsync can cause bugs where the npcs bounce and phone calls are silent. Vsync has been enabled by defualt but this will only take effect if you install the mod prior to starting the game for the first time.

The following graphics settings have been improved, the default settings for these have been moved down a tier, so ultra high is now very high, high is now medium etc:

Geometry (Ultra High) - Please note this setting has a huge performance impact. Turn this down first if you have low fps!

Higher LOD distance for objects/trees/vegetation.

Further draw distance for trees.

Further draw distance for minor terrain details (rocks etc).

8x max number of decals (bullet holes etc).

Geometry (Very High) - This setting replaces the original ultra high setting as it has a small 1-2 fps impact.

Higher LOD distance for objects/trees/vegetation.

Further draw distance for trees.

4x max number of decals (bullet holes etc).

Shadows (These shadow improvements have been added to every setting)

Softer, more realistic shadows.

Trees and vegetation cast more shadows.

The original game had a clear line ~10m from the player where high quality shadows became low quality shadows. This has been fixed.

Ambient (High)

Further draw distance for static shadows.

Terrain (Ultra High)

Higher terrain LOD blend distance.

Weapon improvements

Either the flare gun or IEDs are usable as "gadgets", accessible by pressing the machete button twice.

Renamed some weapons and removed unnecessary hyphens from others (Renamed guns are: Star .45 -> Colt 1911, Eagle .50 -> Desert Eagle, Homeland 37 -> Ithaca 37, G3KA4 -> G3A4, FAL Paratrooper -> FN FAL Para, AR-16 -> M16).

Crossbow bolts fire in an arc, no longer defying gravity.

Golden AKs respawn.

Weapon rebalances

Machete - The machete didn't feel like it had a real place in combat as stealth assassinations would still alert every enemy and it took several regular swipes to kill anyone. It is now useful in both stealth and as a regular melee weapon.

Machete assassinations are 100% silent.

'Creeping' has been added to the machete so you can walk at half speed by holding the iron sight button.

Regular machete attacks are a one hit kill.

Pistols - I found the pistols were forgotten about once the smgs were unlocked. They are now more viable.

Makarov & Silenced Makarov - +50% damage, +30% effective range, improved accuracy while moving, 3x max ammo, magazine size increased to 12.

Colt 1911 - +50% damage, +30% effective range, improved accuracy while moving, 3x max ammo.

Desert Eagle - +50% damage, 0.75x max ammo.

SMGs - The smgs were always better than the pistols, so alongside buffing the pistols the smgs have been slightly nerfed. The MP5 was also by far the worst assault rifle and as its silencer doesn't work I found it was only used for novelty reasons. It has now been changed to a secondary, joining the other SMGs.

The MP5 is now a secondary. As such it's ammo upgrade has been changed to the light assault webbing and it now gets ammo pickups from the other SMGs.

Some of the weapon upgrades have been changed to accomodate the MP5 as a secondary. The MP5 is automatically available at the start of Act 2. The Uzi is available as a reward from convoy mission 4 and the Dart Rifle is available as a reward from convoy mission 3. This has been done because the MP5 is the best SMG and the natural progression is Mac 10 -> Uzi -> MP5.

All SMGs (Mac 10, Uzi, MP5) - +50% recoil.

MP5 - Decreased effective range to halfway between the assault rifles and other SMGs.

Shotguns - In the original game they were underpowered and there was no reason to choose them over an assault rifle. They now excel within 50m.

All shotguns are significantly more accurate with further effective range.

Reduced the SPAS12 magazine size to 9.

The sawed-off shotgun now uses shotgun ammo and fires each barrel individually.

Ammo capacity for the sawed off/silenced shotgun has been increased to be equal to the upgraded vanilla shotgun capacity. This is because the ammo upgrades don't effect the DLC weapons.

LMGs - The PKM had way too much recoil and LMGs only really became useful with the M249 Saw.

PKM recoil reduced by 20%

Flamethrower - The flamethrower had pitiful range, limiting it's usefulness for both the player and enemies.

Flamethrower range tripled to 30m for both the player and enemies.

Flamethrower max ammo reduced by 50%.

Rocket launchers/explosive crossbow - Rockets were very slow moving, especially the Carl G rockets.

RPG and Carl G rocket speeds increased by ~40%.

Explosive crossbow max ammo increased by 50%.

Gameplay changes

Quality of life improvements:

Improved stealth - reduced enemy vision pre-combat and during the night.

Increased stamina.

All ammo, health and repair upgrades are available at the same time early in the game.

Vehicle and boat speed increased - max speed for all vehicles and boats increased by 15%, dune buggy and VIP Jeep Liberty max speed increased by 50%.

Reduced big truck weight to limit slugishness.

Increased headshot damage multiplier for more consistent one shot kills.

Briefcases that previously contained one or two diamonds now have one extra diamond.

Variety/flavour improvements:

Enemies use every weapon in the game, including molotovs, grenade launchers, flamethrowers and golden AKs.

Your buddies also use more weapons.

Diverse patrols - patrol vehicles have been swapped to feature a more interesting variety (car/datsun -> atv, jeep liberty -> unimog, jeep wrangler -> dune buggy) and contain a mix of shotgun and assault enemies.

Enemy infighting - patrols and camps will fight each other.

More unpredictable enemies - enemies used to always chase you with a vehicle, rescue their injured friends and range their mortars before firing. These behaviours are now likely but not guaranteed.

Enemies throw more grenades and are more likely to call for reinforcements.

DLC vehicles come in a variety of colours (credit to Infamous Fusion?).

General improvements:

More black people.

Removed the flashing save reminder from safehouse icons on the GPS.

Reduced monocular sensitivity.

Increased look angle for the swamp boats so you can look behind you while driving.

Optional feature that disables quicksave and saving from the pause screen. If chosen you can only save at safehouses, gun shops, bus stops and mission givers. No more save scumming!

Bug fixes

Restored truck sounds.

Restored infamous healing animations.

Jackal tape bug fix.

Fixed bouncing NPCs.

Fixed silent phone calls.

Fixed being able to see the edges of your arms when using the hang glider.

Fixed the 'alien' blue tint on the player during the night (credit to Far Cry 2: Redux?).

Unlocked DLC

Predecessor tapes.

Homemade and Primitive machetes.

Something not to your liking? Want to change something? I've started putting together a tweak guide with instructions on making basic changes to this or any mod, available here?. Please ask in a comment if you want anything added. Currently there are instructions for editing: non dlc weapons, fov, stamina, player health, malaria, max fps.

*I use a steam controller to play and my settings can be found by searching for "Far Cry 2: Vanilla+ (Tom's Mod) Binding"*


Installation instructions

A) Main files

1. Choose EITHER "Flare Gun Gadget" or "IED Gadget".

2. Choose EITHER "Save Anywhere" or "Limited saving (Only at safehouses, gun shops, bus stops and mission givers)".

3. Copy the folders "Data_Win32" and "bin" into your Far Cry 2 folder (Steam\steamapps\common\Far Cry 2) and overwrite when prompted.

B) Colourful reshade (Instructions written for Reshade 4.6.1)

1. Download Reshade (available from Reshade's website) and run the Reshade setup .exe. Press the top button "Click here to select a game..." and find your FarCry2.exe.

2. Select the .exe and then select Direct3D 9. On the next page for packages untick SweetFX, scroll to the bottom of the list and select "Legacy standard effects". Press ok.

3. First reshade will download their standard effects. None of these are needed so you can untick all of them and press ok. Then it will download the legacy effects. From this list all you need is "AmbientLight.fx", "Colourfulness.fx" and "Curves.fx". Tick these, press ok and then reshade is finished installing.

4. Copy "Tom's Mod Colourful Far Cry 2 Reshade.ini" from my mod and paste it into your bin folder (Steam\steamapps\common\Far Cry 2\bin\).

5. Start the game and the reshade information should come up in the top left. Press home on your keyboard and it will offer a tutorial. Press skip tutorial and then press the blue box at the top saying "Default Preset", a drop down box will appear and you can select "Tom's Mod Colourful Far Cry 2 Reshade". This will start the preset, if it has ticked all the three boxes for "AmbientLight", "Colourfulness" and "Curves" then it is working fine and you will see the results. Tweak the sliders for "Colourfulness" and "Curves" in the same menu if you want more or less colour.

C) DLC Machetes

1. To install run "Install DLC Machetes.reg". This will add a single registry key that is specific for enabling the machetes.

2. To uninstall run "Uninstall DLC Machetes.reg".


v1 – First upload.

v1.1 – Tweaked pistol rebalance.

Pistols are now balanced individually.

?o Makarov & Silenced Makarov - +25% damage, magazine size increased to 12, 3x max ammo.

?o Star45 - +50% damage, 2x max ammo.

?o Desert Eagle - +50% damage, significantly increased recoil (decreased since v1).

?o All pistols have range increased by 30%.

v1.2 - Removed truck sounds fix as it caused crashes.

v1.3 - Truck sound fix restored, thanks to BigTinz.

v1.4 - Tweaked explosives.

Explosives max ammo has been slightly increased and made consistent across weapons, previously explosive crossbow had disproportionately more shots.

v1.5 - Tweaked pistol rebalance.

Makarov & Silenced Makarov - +50% damage, magazine size increased to 12, 3x max ammo.

Star45 - +50% damage, 3x max ammo.

Desert Eagle - +50% damage, +50% ammo, 4x recoil.

v1.6 - Better shadows.

v1.7 - Fixed a bug with distant tree shadows.

v1.8 - Big update!

Rewritten truck sound fix. Previously it used code from Far Cry 2: Redux which came with modded truck physics, no more!

Decreased amount of enemy flamethrowers. Turns out these guys aren't very dangerous unless they're 5m away from you. Too many made the game easy so now they are more uncommon.

Reverted explosives max ammo to default. The game is more fun when you need to scavenge!

Tweaked shotgun rebalance.

?o Ithaca and silenced shotgun have slightly buffed accuracy.

?o Double barrelled shotgun has been given a much wider spread.

v1.9 - New optional feature, limited saving.

An optional feature to disable quicksave and saving from the pause menu, if enabled you can only save at safehouses, gun shops, bus stops and mission givers. This helps me as I am a serial save-scummer, but it also adds purpose to safehouses and increases tension throughout the game. This was how the game played on consoles and in my opinion is how the save system was intended to be.

v2.0 - Final update?

Finalised shotgun rebalance.

Increased enemy infighting.

Decreased spawn rate of enemies using the Golden AK from 3% to 2%.

Improved stealth.

Fixed LOD bug on certain roads.

Revised steam controller configuration.

v2.1 - Seperate IED as gadget option.

New seperate version with the IED available as gadget.

Desert eagle recoil reduced from 4x to 2x.

Vanilla blood option patched to include persistant bullet holes.

v2.2 - Tidied up the MP5 being an smg.

Now uses smg ammo and gets ammo pickups from the mac10 and uzi. Also uses the light assault webbing for its ammo upgrade.

Reduced effective range to be half way between the other smgs and assault rifles.

v3.0 - Back with a new name!

Redone stealth improvements. Previously I reduced enemies' overall vision. This caused some weird behaviour in combat so I have now only reduced their vision before combat. Reduced enemy precombat visibility multipliers by 15% for assault and shotgun enemies (0.75x to 0.65x), 25% for mortar, rocket and sniper enemies (4x to 3x).

Renamed some weapons and for others removed unnecessary hyphons (Renamed guns are: Star .45 -> Colt 1911, Eagle .50 -> Desert Eagle, Homeland 37 -> Ithaca 37, G3KA4 -> G3A4, FAL Paratrooper -> FN FAL Para, AR-16 -> M16). I've added these changes or similar edits to every language except Chinese, if I've made any mistakes please let me know.

Slightly decreased accuracy penalty while moving for the makarov, silenced makarov and star45.

Reduced desert eagle effective range and max ammo.

Slightly increased ithaca 37 and silenced shotgun damage.

Slightly reduced silenced shotgun and spas12 accuracy more significantly reduced usas12 accuracy.

Reduced spas12 magazine size to 9.

Reduced pkm recoil by 20%.

Flamethrower range tripled to 30m for both the player and enemies. Max ammo reduced by 50%.

Completely redone settings for enemy weapons. Rebalanced for more reasonable difficulty and increased variety.

Redone settings for shotgun buddies to prevent them using the woodland 37 late into the game.

Increased the headshot damage multiplier for more consistent one shot kills.

Doubled the chance for enemies to throw grenades.

Reduced the chance for enemies to chase you when driving through outposts to 50%.

Max speed of all vehicles and boats increased by 15%. Dune buggy and VIP jeep liberty max speed increased by 50%.

Added the dune buggy as an enemy patrol vehicle.

Swapped the driver and gunner of two seated enemy vehicles so the drivers are shotgun enemies.

Increased patrol vs camp infighting to the maximum possible.

Reverted fov to default to fix all visual bugs. I haven't deleted the file used to change fov so it's simple to change if you want to. Ask in the comments if you want instructions.

Removed the flashing save reminder from safehouse icons on the GPS.

Further reduced terrain pop in with a new setting. It's effective but fairly GPU intensive so I've used both Ultra High and Very High presets. Terrain - Ultra High sets the terrain lod blending distance to 256m, Terrain - Very High is 128m (default is 64m).

Fixed more distant tree shadow bugs.

Fixed a bug causing trees and vegetation to flicker in and out of existence.

Fixed being able to see the edges of your arms when using paragliders.

v3.1 - New feature! 100% Silent Machete Assassinations.

Machete assassinations are now 100% silent.

Slightly decreased Ithaca damage (19 to 18).

Slightly decreased silenced shotgun damage (19 to 18).

Increased ithaca effective range by 20%.

Increased silenced shotgun effective range by 10%.

Increased spas12 accuracy by 5%.

Increased sawed off shotgun accuracy by 10%.

Added fix for blue 'alien' tint on the player at at night, thanks Hunter.

Slightly increased enemy pre combat vision multiplier (0.65x to 0.68x).

More diamonds from briefcases - one extra diamond in briefcases previously containing one or two diamonds.

Tweaked enemy weapons:

Reduce use of the FAL early in the game. Reduced golden aks to 1% of assault enemies.

Made rocket launcher enemies more evenly use the rpg and Carl G.

Gave sniper enemies the same style update as others. Their weapons are more cleanly split between act 1 and act 2 but there is a chance for any weapon to be used at any time.

Rpg and Carl G rocket speed increased by ~40% (doubled speed values).

Increased crossbow ammo by 50%.

Increased golden ak respawn to 10 minutes rather than 0.1 seconds.

Increased lifetime of all decals (bullet holes/machete marks) to 9999 seconds.

Added a watermark to the main menu.

Fixed a bug where the crossbow would flash white.

Added registry entry files to unlock the DLC machetes.

I'm no longer going to make an extra version for extra blood. It's too much work to update eight different versions, sorry everyone who was using it.

v3.2 - Tweaked machete assassinations.

Reintroduced the possibility for assassinations to miss, like in the vanilla game.

Enemies that die to an assassination will make dying sounds (not audible to other enemies).

Reduced the damage that the atv takes from crashes.

v3.3 - Colourful DLC vehicles!

Within the tutorial changed reference to secondaries from "Machine Pistols" to "Submachine Guns" (every language except Chinese).

Silenced shotgun damage slightly increased.

Silenced shotgun effective range reduced.

Silenced shotgun accuracy reduced.

Silenced shotgun reliability increased.

Flesh bullet hole duration reduced.

DLC vehicles have a variety of colours (credit to the Infamous Fusion? mod).

Tweaked watermark.

Reduced enemy night time vision by 5%.

Edited various scripted vehicles to have shotgun enemies as the driver.

Reduced monocular sensitivity.

Reduced the vision of assassination targets to the same as regular enemy soldiers. Previously they had the same vision as snipers.

All ammo/health/repair upgrades are available at the same time early in the game.

Increased the maximum look angle for the swamp boats so you can look behind you while driving.

Added 'creeping' to the machete.

Completely redone settings for buddy weapons. They now have a more linear arc for using better weapons as the game progresses. Similar to the enemies they also now have a small chance to use late game weapons during act 1. The silenced shotgun has been added as a possibility.

Tweaked shadow settings for slightly more shadow definition and reduced bugs in the distance.

v3.4 - Small bug fixes/tweaks.

Tweaked watermark.

Reduced big truck weight by 12% (4000 to 3500).

Flamethrower tweaks:

Increased flame speed.

Tweaked enemy use to be more dangerous.

Fixed a mistake where some enemy weapon probabilities were above 100% (thanks turtle).

v3.5 - Removed unintentionally included features from Infamous Fusion.

I had accidentally included some graphics changes from Infamous Fusion, these have been removed (thanks again turtle).

v3.6 - FPS limiter.

Added 60 fps limit to fix bouncing npcs/silent phone bugs.

v3.7 - Machete assassinations v2.

Fixed the bug where the player would turn invisible if performing a machete assassination far from the enemy.

v3.8 - Graphics performance improvements and more MP5 work.

Terrain graphics settings have been made more stable and performance efficient - thanks Evergreen for your help.

A second tier of geometry settings have been added to the Geometry - Very High preset. These keep the most noticeable improvements (LOD, distant trees) at a fraction of the performance impact.

Shadow improvements have been simplified and the same changes have been added to every tier of shadow settings as they have a small 1-2 fps performance impact. Now the only difference between shadow settings is shadow map size (resolution).

Unlocking the MP5 and Uzi has been swapped so the Uzi is unlocked first from an Act 1 convoy and the MP5 is unlocked at the start of Act 2. This is because the MP5 is the best SMG and the natural progression is Mac 10 -> Uzi -> MP5. I wasn't able to swap the weapon images in the popup that says which weapon will be unlocked from the next convoy mission. This is unfortunate but I was able to swap the text so at least that matches.

Updated the MP5 classification in the weapon shop from "Assault" to "SMG". This has been done for every language.

v3.9 - Tidied up the convoy weapon popups.

Fixed my issue with the convoy reward popups not showing the correct weapon images.

The dart rifle unlock has been swapped with the uzi so the two smgs aren't unlocked from consecutive convoy missions.

v4.0 - Final update besides bug fixes.

The frame rate is now unlocked and vsync is enabled by default.

Geometry - very high setting has replaced ultra high settings due to its small 1-2 fps impact.

Increased headshot damage multiplier.

Fixed Uzi upgrade unlocks.

Thank you to Kat for encouraging me to complete this, it’s been a long journey learning how everything works. Also thanks to the dead community of Far Cry 2 modders at, Marc for his help and ambition, BigTinz for Far Cry 2: Redux, the Infamous Fusion team and dannylh2 for Far Cry 2: New Dunia. Working out how they made their mods allowed me to make my own. This mod stands on the shoulders of giants.

Report problems with download to [email protected]

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