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Crysis 2 - BlackFire's Mod 2 - Game mod - Download

The file BlackFire's Mod 2 is a modification for Crysis 2, a(n) action game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

file size245.5 MB

last updateTuesday, November 17, 2020


downloads (7 days)29

Free download

BlackFire's Mod 2 is a mod for†Crysis 2, created by†BlackFireBR. If you enjoy this mod plase consider supporting itís author through PayPal.

Description (in authorís own words):

Still not satisfied with the DirectX 11 patch? Did you expected more? Do you still think Crysis 2 has a graphical potential greater than was shown so far? Are you expecting something that really causes a significant change in the look of the game? Here's what we all waited for.

After several months of development, BlackFire's Mod 2 was developed to bring you a brand new lighting for the game, turning that smoky atmosphere of the original Crysis 2 into a clear and sunny day, leveraging the full lighting potential of CryEngine 3.

Vivid colors, detailed shadows, along with a redesigned lighting, makes BlackFire's Mod 2 one experience that you will not believe that your machine is capable of.

In order to bring a greater immersion to the game, BlackFire's Mod 2 also features a complementary mod, the Quality Mod made by -ShonE-.It adds several visual effects such as Dynamic Depth of Field, Lens Flares, and and many other cool stuff.\

It is now also 100% compatible with the greatest Crysis 2 Texture Pack on the internet, MaLDo HD

Mod offers an installer. Mod has two versions Ė standalone one and the one made to work with the great texture mod MaLDoHD.You will find both installers in the archive.

Important informations:

-MaLDoHDv4 is mandatory for the non stand-alone edition! And it's not included in the installer.

-You don't need to install Quality Mod or the Compound Bow Mod separately, it is already included in this mod.

-There is only one requirement for the installation order: BlackFire's Mod 2 must be the last mod you install.

-Never use your old saved games , the ones generated before you installed this mod. Start a new game or load a level from the "Replay Mission" menu.

- Works with both Dx9 and Dx11, but with Dx9 you won't have tessellated textures.

- After installed, you can run MaLDo Config Utility as many times as you want, no need to reinstall anything.

-If you think the Lighting is too bright, press "L" and, problem solved.

  • Last update: Tuesday, November 17, 2020
  • Genre: Action
  • File size: 245.5 MB

Report problems with download to [email protected]

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