Gaming NewsSep 8, 2016 at 1:59a PSTby luckie

Mass Effect: Andromeda first gameplay video ever revealed at PS Meeting

Here it is, Mass Effect: Andromeda first gameplay video, shown at PlayStation Meeting. An actual trailer will be revealed on November 7.

We waited a whole year for E3 2016 to show a Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer and we got nothing. Then we waited some more for gamescome 2016, and guess what happened? Nothing. Now, at PlayStation Meeting there it is: the very first Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay footage. The video was recorded on the newly revealed PlayStation 4 Pro, nicknamed Neo, in 4K resolution. In it we can see a fragment of the game, in which Ryder and his team are exploring an alien station (there are four of them in total), ending with a cut-scene. Without any further ado, here it is, enjoy!

In the video BioWare informs that a new trailer will be available on N7 day, that is November 7. On that date, “the gates to the next chapter of the Mass Effect universe will be officially opened”, which may mean the start of pre-orders and the reveal of the release date. As for now, Mass Effect: Andromeda is planned to hit PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 early next year.

In case you missed the PlayStation Meeting, Sony announced a buffed up version of their PS4 console, PlayStation 4 Pro. The device is going to feature doubled CPU, GPU power raised from 1.84 TFlops to 4.2 TFlops, 4K resolution and HDR graphics. Both PS4 and PS4 Pro will make one ecosystem, so you won’t have any PS4 Pro exclusives (at least not any time soon).