Gaming NewsOct 5, 2016 at 3:35a PSTby luckie

Outlast 2 demo available until November 1

Although the Outlast 2 release has been postponed to early 2017, Red Barrels will still let you celebrate this Halloween by playing their game. Outlast 2 demo is now available for all platforms until the end of the month.

If you had envisioned celebrating this year’s Halloween by playing Outlast 2, you must have been disappointed when the game was pushed back to early 2017. Turns out, however, that you can do it anyway, because Outlast 2 demo is now available on PC (Steam), Xbox One and PlayStation 4. You can get it for free until November 1, and if you do, you may keep it forever. Although the demo doesn’t show off all the features and locations, this playable chunk of what Red Barrels have been working on gives you a good idea of what the full game is going to be like.

Red Barrels team wishes you a happy Halloween. - 2016-10-05
Red Barrels team wishes you a happy Halloween.

Outlast 2 will tell the story of journalists who investigate stories no one else would dare touch. While playing as Blake Langermann, you have to find your wife after a helicopter crash landing in the middle of the Arizona desert. Following a trail of clues you will discover monstrosities that could drive any normal person insane. In terms of gameplay mechanics, Outlast 2 is built on what the players know from the first part. Most of the time you explore spooky locations using a night vision camera to see the environment around you, or run away from dangers while scaling obstacles like a true freerunner.