Gaming NewsDec 1, 2016 at 5:18a PSTby luckie

New Pathologic remake atmospheric teaser videos – Kickstarter demo coming soon

The creators of Pathologic remake are ready to share a glimpse of their upcoming horror adventure game. A couple of atmospheric teaser videos come along with the announcement of a playable demo, exclusive to some of Kickstarter backers.

While an HD remaster of Pathologic, a 2005’s psychedelic horror game, has been out in the wild for a bit over a year now, there is still a full-blown remake of that title in the works. This one is developed by the same Moscow-based team that gave us the original Pathologic, Ice-Pick Lodge, with money gathered in a Kickstarter campaign. Now the studio has shared a couple of atmospheric teaser videos, which give a glimpse on some locations that players are going to visit in this dark-themed adventure game, including a majestic, ominous cathedral.

This Friday, Ice-Pick Lodge is planning to release an exclusive vertical slice demo of Pathologic Remake for some of their Kickstarter backers – the access will be restricted to those who pledged at least $80. The demo will give fans “an early taste of Pathologic's weird and warped world”, says an official press note, letting them explore one region of the town where this dark story is set. Those who pledged $45 or more will also be able to try out an early version of the game some time later. Pathologic remake is currently scheduled to launch in fall 2017 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.