Gaming NewsDec 6, 2016 at 7:21a PSTby luckie

Action/stealth mix Filthy Lucre coming to PC this month

Whether you prefer the stealthy approach or go in all guns blazing, Filthy Lucre has got you covered. Already available on PlayStation 4, this action/stealth hybrid is coming to PC next week.

PlayStation 4 players have been able to play Filthy Lucre since September. Now, the developers at Fabrik Games have announced that this top-down action/stealth hybrid is coming to PC next week – according to this new trailer, Filthy Lucre arrives on Steam on December 12 (thanks, PC Gamer!).

Set in the London underworld, Filthy Lucre puts you in the shoes of a goon tasked with retrieving his boss’ stolen from a rival gang. The game will offer a variety of missions, including banke heists, sabotage, or full-blown assaults.

The real treat is that you can complete each mission either as a stealthy professional – luring your enemies to traps, knocking them out from behind, covering your tracks and hiding bodies – or go in all guns blazing. Both approaches are equally rewarding, and obviously you can combine the two – e.g. if detected, you can pull out your rifle instead of loading a saved game. You can also invite another player for a co-op session and work together for a better effect.