Gaming NewsDec 20, 2016 at 3:03a PSTby luckie

Suicide Squad game reportedly cancelled as devs focus on the next Batman, starring Damian Wayne

Some men just want to watch the world (of crime) burn. Is that what Bruce's son Damian Wayne is going to be like in the next Batman game from WB? Well, let's hope he is, because one brutal DC game, Suicide Squad, has reportedly been axed.

Batman: Arkham Origins team at Warner Bros. Montreal is reportedly working on the next Batman game starring Bruceís son, Damian Wayne, who dons the Dark Knight costume, following in his fatherís footsteps. And while this may not be an entirely new piece of information to some of you, this is what Kotakuís sources close to WB Montreal have just confirmed. The same sources claim that the studio is no longer working on a Suicide Squad game, which has been in the works for about 2 years. According to some reports, this video game about the infamous team of DC Comicsí anti-heroes was supposed to be a brawler with elements of RPG and co-op mode. Instead, the studio will focus all their efforts on the new Batman.

Bruceís son Damian has already appeared as Batman in Batman in Bethlehem comic book.
Bruceís son Damian has already appeared as Batman in Batman in Bethlehem comic book.

As for the unannounced Batman game, it will reportedly be set 10 years after the Arkham series. Since Bruce now has a grey beard and a walking stick to support himself, the mantle of Gothamís vigilante is passed to his son, Damian. Unlike his father, though, Damian does not believe in the no-killing rule Ė according to comics he often acts as a judge, jury and executor, and does not shy away from brutal methods in his crime-fighting crusade. Itís not clear whether this is exactly how the new hero will be presented in the next game, but that is a possible direction, considering the seriesí leaning toward more and more brutality. Itís also rumored that Damian will be using the Batcycle and that the game will feature such characters as White Rabbit, Poison Ivy, Flamingo and Black Mask.

Considering the popularity Batman Arkham series has gained over the years, announcing another installment (even if it doesnít have Arkham in the title) seems to be a logical move for WB. Letís wait for an official announcement.