Gaming NewsJan 17, 2017 at 9:41a PSTby luckie

Build anything in Galactic Junk League, available for free on Steam

In the wide variety of space combat/crafting games available, Galactic Junk League may be something that stands out from the crowd. In this free-to-play Steam Early Access game you can build any spacecraft you want, be it a pirate ship or a giant cat.

From the dumping ground of Early Access space combat/crafting games, a new one emerges. This one, however, takes a bit different, light-hearted approach to this well-explored theme. Galactic Junk League is a competitive free-to-play crafter arena game by indie developer Pixel Federation, which lets players build just about anything from scrap – even giant cat-shaped spacecrafts – and fight anyone in space. The game offers 7v7 PvP arenas, where you can fight other players using your makeshift ship.

Galactic Junk League has launched in Steam Early Access today and will stay there until the developers are satisfied with its state – you can play it for free right now. The game has already got all main features and mechanics. It is more than beta, but still needs some polishing and extra stuff. The next step is to fill it with more content based on players’ feedback. Watch this trailer to see what you can expect from the title: