Gaming NewsJan 31, 2017 at 8:59a PSTby luckie

The Wild Eight is a survival game set in Alaska, heading to Steam Early Access

Winter can be challenging, especially in Alaska. However, thanks to The Wild Eight, an indie survival game, you don't have to travel there to take on its dangers.

Having survived a plane crash, you are stranded in cold Alaska and surrounded by all sorts of danger. This is what awaits you in The Wild Eight, an unforgiving indie survival game, which launches in Steam Early Access next month – on February 8, 2017. Initially, it will be priced at $19.99. The game’s developers promise to release new updates every two weeks until the final release (one of the long-distance goals is Mac and Linux support). Here’s a short new trailer, which reveals the release date and shows off a few bits of gameplay.

Since The Wild Eight is set in Alaska, you might expect that cold and shortage of food will be your main enemy in the game, but that isn’t exactly true. There are more dangers in the wild than snow, at least so says the dramatic product description on Steam. Fortunately, you will not necessarily be alone in this tough situation as the game offers cooperation for up to eight people. Together they will try to survive against unforgiving environment, create tools and weapons, hunt for food as well as discover the mystery behind the plane crash by doing story missions and side quests. All this in a nice-looking low-poly world.