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Rainbow Six: Siege Velvet Shell DLC details and plans for year two

As Rainbow Six: Siege steps into its second year, the game's developers lay out their plans for the nearest future. Besides some new DLC, they are planning to overhaul the main menu and start rewarding players for just playing the game.

In this new video (posted above) the developers of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege explain what their plans are for the second year of the game. Some of the things they want to improve is the matchmaking system and main menu, meant to increase players’ comfort by giving them quick access to all options and information they might need. What’s more, players will now be receiving free loot for simply playing the game, without having to unlock it for premium currency or a huge amount of in-game currency.

Fans can also expect to see new content in the game’s second year, including 8 playable characters and 4 mid-season reinforcements. The next DLC, called Velvet Shell, is coming out on February 7 for Season Pass holders (after one week it will become free for all players). This one is going to bring two Spanish operators, a map, and a portion of updates. The two new operators are: Mira, a low-speed, high-armor defender, able to create windows in fortified walls, and Jackal, a medium-speed-and-armor tracker. Their possibilities, as well as the new map, are explained in detail in this video below:

Recently, Ubisoft has revealed that Rainbow Six: Siege has now over 13 million registered players (thanks, DSOGaming), which is an impressive rise as compered to the game’s first month, which saw only 5 million players. Moreover, there are 3.9 million people that play Rainbow Six: Siege at least once a week.

Rainbow Six: Siege saw a large increase of active players throughout its first year. - 2017-02-06
Rainbow Six: Siege saw a large increase of active players throughout its first year.