Gaming NewsFeb 8, 2017 at 6:14a PSTby luckie

The Bard's Tale IV combat featured in this new video

So far, we haven't seen any actual combat from The Bard's Tale IV. Until now, as inXile Entertainment has just published this new gameplay video.

One of three games that inXile Entertainment is brewing up right now is The Bardís Tale IV. The new installment of the popular RPG series is a purebred dungeon crawler. Although it features free movement with first-person perspective (tile-based movement optional), combat is still turn-based. In battles your party can consist of up to six characters and two summonable creatures. In the current version your team members are represented by 2D portraits displayed in the HUD, although their look is not final. Anyway, combat animations certainly look intereseting. See for yourself in this new gameplay video:

Speaking of combat, the game will use a so-called Opportunity system instead of the usual action points. Opportunities, represented by gems on the HUD, consist a sort of a shared action point pool. Thanks to this, heroes will be able to perform shared attacks and multi-hit combos. You can read more about the combat system and exploration in The Bardís Tale IV in this blog entry on its official website. The game is due out on PC later this year.