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Gaming NewsFeb 9, 2017 at 5:47a PSTby luckie

Expeditions: Viking to launch on April 27

After a delay, the upcoming sequel to Expeditions: Conquistador has got a new release date. Logic Artists' Expeditions: Viking is going to launch on April 27.

Announced two years ago by Danish indie studio Logic Artists, Expeditions: Viking is going to arrive at Steam on April 27, 2017. This historical blend of party-based RPG and tactical strategy with turn-based combat will let you play as a chieftain of a small Viking clan. Your task will be to expand your village and increase the clan’s influence by conquering rivals, establishing trade routes, making alliances, and sending raiding expeditions to British Isles.

However, brute force will not be enough to gain supremacy. Expeditions: Viking is going to feature a branching dialogue system made up of a total of 280,000 words. What you choose to say will have its consequences and will be reflected in the reputation system – the way others view your actions may determine whether they trust or maybe fear you.

The team at Logic Artsists have previously made quite a successful game Expeditions: Conquistador, which focused on the conquest of the New World by Spanish explorers. That game gained very positive Steam user reviews, so we expect that Expeditions: Viking won’t be a disappointment either.

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