Gaming NewsMar 1, 2017 at 12:14a PSTby luckie

Humble Bundle featuring Arma games

This and next week you can easily jump into the Arma series of tactical shooters, as it's featured in the new Humble Bundle.

A new Humble Bundle started this week, featuring Arma games, a popular series of tactical shooters from Czech-based Bohemia Interactive Studio. As always, there are three tiers. For just one dollar you can get the original Arma: Cold War Assault as well as itís Gold Edition, bundled with the Queen's Gambit expansion pack, as well as turn-based strategy Arma Tactics.

  1. The Humble Arma Bundle

Pay more than the current average (which is now set at $13) to also unlock Arma II and its add-ons, including British Armed Forces, Private Military Company, Army of the Czech Republic, and the standalone Operation Arrowhead.

And if you want to secure the third installment too, you can add Arma III and Arma III: Karts to your bundle by paying $15. Now youíll only need the latest Arma III: Apex expansion to get the entire series, but that one, sadly, isnít part of the offer. Right now itís available on Steam for the standard price of $29.99.

Using the opportunity, the guys of Bohemia Interactive are also advertising their experimental total conversion of Arma III, called Project Argo, featuring 5v5 competitive multiplayer. You can try the prototype out for free Ė you can find it on the official website.