Gaming NewsMar 3, 2017 at 6:21a PSTby luckie

Orisa is a new tank character coming to Overwatch

The character roster in Overwatch is expanded with another character. Orisa is a big robot which serves the role of a tank.

Blizzard Entertainment presents a new playable hero to join the roster of characters in their team-based online shooter Overwatch, currently available on test servers. Orisa is a modified version of an OR-15 combat robot, gifted with an individual personality and a need to protect humans. Her background story has been briefly introduced in this trailer:

Orisa serves the role of a tank, absorbing damage that could otherwise kill her weaker allies. In combat she uses Fusion Driver, which is a sort of machine gun with high rate of fire and capacity. While shooting, she moves a bit slower, but her weapon has greater range than that of other tanks. In its alternative mode, Fusion Driver fires a pulse which pulls nearby enemies toward itself. Itís easy to imagine how useful that is for positioning rivals, especially when there are DPS allies near Orisa to quickly finish off incapacitated enemies.

Orisa can also briefly increase her defense and stability as well as put a protective barrier wherever she wants. Her Ultimate ability is Overcharge, which is an object that boosts damage dealt by Orisaís teammates who are within its line of sight. These and other features make Orisa a sort of anchor tank, who sets the direction of attack for the entire team. You can learn more about her from Jeff Kaplan in this official video: