Gaming NewsMar 10, 2017 at 5:56a PSTby luckie

Day of Infamy to launch in full this month

Day of Infamy, dubbed by many as the comeback of the classic WWII shooters, is going to launch in full version on March 23. Until then you can still pick up its Steam Early Access build.

Day of Infamy, a World War II online shooter from New World Interactive, creators of Insurgency and Insurgency: Sandstorm, is about to leave Steam Early Access and launch in full on March 23, 2017. For current players this will mean a complete reset of all ranks, units and items, but also a more stable, complete experience. Currently, you can purchase Day of Infamy for $19.99 on Steam note that the price is prone to change upon the release.

During its eight-month Early Access period Day of Infamy has been receiving very enthusiastic Steam user reviews, praising its engaging gameplay, large variety of authentic weapons from the period, and, generally speaking, the feel of being an old-school WWII shooter. With each update the game would gain new content and get rid of loads of bugs. The latest big patch went live yesterday you can browse through its list of changes here.