Gaming NewsMar 13, 2017 at 5:05a PSTby luckie

Tale of Ronin is pretty much Japanese Banner Saga

If you are a fan of The Banner Saga and want more of similar stuff, you will most likely be interested in Tale of Ronin, a newly announced turn-based RPG, which looks like a Japanese counterpart of Stoic's series about Vikings.

Tale of Ronin is a newly announced turn-based RPG, which looks like a Japanese counterpart of The Banner Saga series, in development by Dead Mage (also known for Children of Morta, Shadow Blade). Set in a world resembling feudal Japan with elements of fantasy, Tale of Ronin will tell the story of the human side of the samurai, as presented from the perspective of masterless warriors, journeying accros dangerous lands in a quest to regain lost honor.

The game’s turn-based combat will allow for skirmishes of up to three players in a party. Apart from fighting bandits and other samurai, the protagonist will have to talk with other characters and face tough decisions. Interestingly, the game features permadeath, here called the Sekai System. When your character dies – either killed by enemies or after commiting seppuku – you continue as another warrior, who resumes the adventure in a world shaped by the consequences of his predecessor’s actions.

Another interesting feature of Tale of Ronin is its graphics, which imitates traditional Japanese sumi-e art style with ink splatters and grayish-brown colors, frequently sprinkled with red splashes of blood. The game is coming out this year for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, but mobile versions are also being considered.