Gaming NewsMar 16, 2017 at 3:31a PSTby luckie

Meet Sailaway, the most accurate sailing simulator ever

If you have been looking for a realistic sailing simulator, search no more. Sailaway is a game that not only offers meticulous simulation of waves, weather and boats' behavior, but also lets you go for a months-long voyage across the ocean.

Salt on your skin, fresh sea breeze in your face, pain in the muscles from pulling ropes – as long as these physical feelings are, for now, only reserved for the real world, Sailaway will let you experience everything else that sailing the seas entails. In development by only one person, Richard Knol, whose initially small project grew up significantly over time, Sailaway aspires to be the most accurate sailing simulator there is on PC and Mac, featuring realistic trimming, wave physics as well as authentic weather and sky.

In the game you will find all the world’s oceans in their actual scale, meaning that sailing from one end to another will literally take months. Don’t worry, though, the boat moves even when you aren’t playing, however, you have to check on it often, as the weather changes in real time based on actual data of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Sailaway will also make it possible to communicate with other players, meet them on the seas, travel together, or even organize races.

Sailaway will be available in Steam Early Access starting in April, where it’s going to stay for about 6 months. That version is going to offer three faithfully recreated boats, every world’s ocean and all major mechanics. Visit the official website in order to learn more about the game as well as place a pre-order.