Gaming NewsMar 23, 2017 at 10:40a PSTby luckie

Facebook Live Stream feature expanding to PC

You can now use Facebook Live Stream feature from your desktop or laptop computers, like you did from mobile devices. What makes it interesting for us, is that this can be used for streaming live gameplay.

Facebook team have announced that they are enabling users to broadcast live video to Facebook from their desktop and laptop computers. Previously, this has only been possible from mobile devices since 2016, but now you can also stream from your PC. The “Live Video” option is available on the top of your News Feed or Timeline.

Specially for gamers, and other people who often share what they are doing on their computers with friends and followers, Facebook made it easier to use streaming software and external hardware – you can go live from News Feed, profile, or from the Live page.

If you’re a gamer, this new feature makes it easier than ever to stream your PC gameplay to friends and followers and engage with them while you play. If you’re giving your friends or followers a tutorial or a how-to guide, you can incorporate on-screen graphics, titles, and overlays. Or if you’re an artist, you can go live and switch seamlessly between cameras as you narrate the process.

Facebook is continually expanding its Live Stream feature. - 2017-03-24
Facebook is continually expanding its Live Stream feature.

It’s way to soon to pronounce Facebook the new Twitch, but the popular social networking service will likely get its slice of the live streaming cake.