Gaming NewsMar 24, 2017 at 6:43a PSTby luckie transformation begins now's official app is now renamed to Blizzard App. With this first step, the company behind the games like World of Warcraft and StarCraft has begun the rebranding of its central online service. is a brand that is perfectly recognizable by fans of Blizzard Entertainment around the world. But that name will soon become a thing of the past. Six months ago, the owners of the online service announced that they were going to replace the brand with the name of their company. Thus far, we haven’t seen any changes, but it appears now that the process has already started. First thing that fans have spotted is the name of the official app changed to Blizzard App and the logo replaced. App is now called Blizzard App, as spotted by fans. - 2017-03-24 App is now called Blizzard App, as spotted by fans.

The official website still exists as with no visible changes, but that is probably going to change in the near future. At its core, Blizzard’s online service, which handles games like World of Warcraft, Diablo III, Hearthstone, or Heroes of the Storm, will remain unchanged. It is still going to work the same as it has been thus far. With the rebranding, Blizzard explained, the company simply wants to unify their products’ names so as to avoid any confusion, especially with new players in mind.