Gaming NewsApr 14, 2017 at 10:07a PSTby luckie

Get the first Endless Space for 1 dollar

Before Endless Space 2 hits the shelves in May, you may consider trying out the first part if you haven't yet. There is a great opportunity for that, as the game is up on sale on Steam for just $1.

While fans are waiting for the upcoming release of Endless Space 2, scheduled for May 19, 2017, new players have just received a perfect opportunity to jump into the series at an unbelievably low cost. You can now buy the original Endless Space bundled with the Disharmony expansion for just $1 on Steam – that’s a 97% drop from the original price set at $34.99. The offer runs until Monday.

Endless Space gives you control over many aspects of your civilization. - 2017-04-19
Endless Space gives you control over many aspects of your civilization.

Endless Space is a successful 4K space strategy set in the Endless universe, which first came out in 2012. The game puts you in charge of a selected civilization, whom you must lead to glory and domination in a randomly generated galaxy. Some of your tasks are: exploring other planets, managing resources, researching new technologies, maintaining diplomatic relations with other races, and waging wars. This latter aspect comes hand in hand with epic-scale battles of personalized space ships.

In addition to the base content, Endless Space Collection offers the Disharmony DLC. This one introduced a new playable race, known as Harmony, as well as a couple of modifications to the mechanics, such as sieges, bombardments, new fighters and more.