Gaming NewsApr 20, 2017 at 5:57a PSTby luckie

Get a free copy of Saints Row 2 on

You can now get a free copy of Saints Row 2 PC on The online store has just started a sale of all available Deep Silver games, including the Metro and Risen series. online store has launched a sale of the Saints Row series, with its highlight, Saints Row 2, being given away for free until Saturday. This special offer is to celebrate the DRM-free release of the latest installment in the wacky sandbox games series, Saints Row IV (currently available for $4.99), and its standalone expansion Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell ($3.75). And that’s only the tip of the iceberg – starting today there is a week-long sale (up to 75%) of all Deep Silver games available on, including such famous franchises as Metro and Risen.

  1. Get Saints Row 2 for free on

By the way, the team has introduced a nice feature for all Steam users. You can now use the GOG Connect functionality and connect your GOG accound with your Steam library to get DRM-free versions of games you already own on Valve’s platform at no extra cost. This option is time-limited and only several titles are currently eligible – namely, the Saints Row series – but more games are promised to come soon. All the offers are available until Thursday, April 27, 10 AM UTC.