Gaming NewsApr 21, 2017 at 7:52a PSTby luckie

Miracle of Sound and The Witcher 3 composer team up for this new trailer of SEVEN

In case you didn't know, SEVEN: The Days Long Gone is a post-apocalyptic, isometric RPG in works by former Witcher 3 developers. Trust me, you won't regret watching its new trailer.

There are at least seven reasons why you should be interested in this new trailer of SEVEN: The Days Long Gone, an isometric stealth RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world. For starters, this is a project of a Poland-based team Fool’s Theory, which hires developers who used to work on The Witcher 2 and 3 (to be published by IMGN.PRO, creators of FPP survival horror Kholat). Second, the game’s dystopian universe looks like a cross-over between Fallout and Borderlands’ wastelands. Third, this is the first video showing off some tasty, Assassin’s Creed-like sequences of combat in SEVEN, which looks very dynamic for an isomtric game.

Fourth, the music. The Keepers song you can hear in the video is the result of a collaboration between Miracle of – Irish musician Gavin Dunne famous for his games-inspired music – and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt lead composer Marcin Przybylowicz. The fifth reason is the amazing atmosphere of the trailer. As for the sixth and seventh… come on, do you really need more reasons to watch this freakin’ trailer?

SEVEN: The Days Long Gone is coming out for PC this year.