Gaming NewsMay 4, 2017 at 7:14a PSTby luckie

Fly over the entire earth in Flight Sim World

If you are a fan of flight simulators, you should definitely check out Flight Sim World, a game which is going to let you fly over the entire earth.

Flight Sim World has been announced to be a highly realistic flight simulation platform developed by Dovetail Games and based on benchmark technology. Interestingly, the game is going to allow you to fly over the whole earth while inside the cockpit of several single and twin propeller aircraft – that’s for starters at least. Every switch and gauge you find in the planes is clickable, making for an incredibly authentic experience. With all this complexity Flight Sim World will not leave you on your own though – the program will offer multiple lessons and missions to show you the ropes.

Flight Sim World is soon going to be available in Steam Early Access – in May 2017 – where it intends to stay for the next 3-4 months. During that time the creators want to use the players’ feedback to deliver a stable platform to build upon. The game will first include free flight mode and multiplayer (in its alpha build), but will be receiving more features and content over time. Chceck out Flight Sim World’s official website to learn more.