Gaming NewsMay 5, 2017 at 6:34a PSTby luckie

Ready Or Not, a spiritual successor to SWAT 4, announced

SWAT 4 was incredibly fun in its time, but if you're looking for a new game of the kind, you should definitely check out Ready Or Not, a higly-realistic tactical shooter, coming out soon.

An interesting tactical shooter has been announced, entitled Ready Or Not, which seems like a worthy successor to the cult SWAT 4. Like in that legendary title, the new game from Void Interactive will let players become members of Special Weapons And Tactics, a highly-trained police unit, especially effective in hostage situations. Here’s the game’s reveal trailer. Note, however, that it contains a few drastic NSFW scenes:

According to information on the official website, Ready Or Not is going to offer cooperative gameplay for up to 8 players, competitive multiplayer in claustrophobic spaces, as well as single player mode, in which you give orders to your AI-controlled squad mates. Before each mission you will get to make a tactical analysis of the environment, try to shut off power grids, block exits or create new entry points.

The developers are especially proud of several mechanics that will make the game even more realistic. These are e.g. incremental lean and door control systems, modular speed control, simulated and detailed inventory and authentic bullets ballistics. Add to it responsive and gory damage system (a wound in the leg will slow you down, whereas a hurt arm will impair aiming) plus the graphics generated by Unreal Engine 4, and you’ll get a higly realistic tactical FPS that every fan of online shooters should keep an eye for. Read Or Not is supposed to come out soon, most probably on PC.