Gaming NewsMay 9, 2017 at 6:10a PSTby luckie

South Korean politician using Overwatch-themed ad

Would you vote for a Player of the Game? That's what a South Korean presidential canditate hopes for, theming her latest ad around Overwatch, a popular online shooter from Blizzard.

Blizzard’s games are very much respected in South Korea, some of them, like StarCraft II, being even considered a national sport of sorts. Sim Sang-Jung, a major presidential candidate in the country, seems to know that well, since she addressed her recent ad specially to Overwatch fans (thanks, CinemaBlend!). Not only is the game’s logo used – the entire spot is themed around Blizzard’s first-person shooter. Accompanied by Overwatch’s main theme song, the politician stacks up points and combos as she makes a flurry of questions against the opposition, leaving them speechless.

As she completes her triumph with a fiery speech in front of an audience, Sim Sang-Jung’s special meter reaches 100% and starts glowing blue, which means (at least in the game) that a special ability has been unlocked. The entire video is titled POTG, which stands for Player of the Game – the message is loud and clear, Ms. Sim Sang-Jung is a perfect leader and an effective team player, or at least that’s what the ad claims.

For us, a political ad like this is just another hilarious video on the Internet. In South Korea, however, this may prove do be an effective tool for increasing a politician’s odds, especially among the young voters. Is it high time western politicians followed this trend?