Gaming NewsJul 11, 2017 at 7:48a PSTby luckie

Netflix-like on-demand gaming service Jump announced

Launching later this year, Jump will provide an on-demand access to a catalogue of games at a low subscription fee. Yet this is not just another streaming service - Jump will use a technology that makes games run as if they were innstalled on your PC.

Jump is a newly announced on-demand video game subscription service thay has the potential of becoming for games what Spotify is for music and Netflix for films and TV series. For just $9.99 a month, Jump will provide its subscribers with an unlimited access to a library of curated games, mostly by indie developers – starting with a catalogue of 60 titles when it launches for Windows, Mac and Linux later this year. If this catches on, Jump may expand to feature major games in time. A closed beta is actually running right now, from July 10 through July 24 – you can sign up here.

The Jump team. - 2017-07-12
The Jump team.

This will be somewhat similar to the now dead OnLive, although Jump will not be relying on streaming. The program will be using its in-house HyperJump technology, which is promised to provide the players with “the same latency-free, high-quality experience as a game that is fully installed onto their device, but without long download times and without requiring large amounts of disk space”. The player will just have to download the app, pick a game and press Play, and then wait a minute until a small temporary file is installed on their disks. This, however, means that games featured in Jump will use your hardware and will have a bit different system requirements. Find out more about Jump by reading through the FAQ section on its official website