Gaming NewsJul 12, 2017 at 7:25a PSTby luckie

Ion Maiden announced, going to use Duke Nukem 3Dís engine

There is a brand new game in works which is going to use Duke Nukem 3D's Build engine. Ion Maiden is being developed by a team of skilled modders under 3D Realms' eye.

Retro gaming is hot these days, but who would expect a brand new game built on the engine that powered the classic Duke Nuke 3D back in 1996? Well, here you go. Ion Maiden is an upcoming first-person shooter based on the Build engine, in development by Voidpoint, the team consisting of experienced creators of mods and maps for Duke Nukem 3D, including almost the entire team behind EDuke32, a fan-made game engine upgrade. Ion Maiden will be published in 2017 by the owners of the series, 3D Realms, reports a NeoGAF user.

Who wants to try some retro shooting Duken Nukem 3D style? - 2017-07-13
Who wants to try some retro shooting Duken Nukem 3D style?

Storywise, Ion Maiden will be a prequel to Bombshell, an isometric shooter by the now-bunkrupt Interceptor Entertainment. The player will step into the shoes of the originalís protagonist, a female mercenary named Shelly Harrison, who gets to fight armies of aliens. As for gameplay, Ion Maiden will be more like Duke Nukem 3D, which obviously entails lots of gory combat, loads of weapons with alternative fire modes as well as large maze-like maps full of secrets to discover. Interestingly, Ion Maiden was initially designed as an extra for the digital deluxe version of Bombshell (that game, by the way, met with poor reception), but has since evolved into a full commercial title.