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Gaming NewsOct 3, 2017 at 3:57a PSTby luckie

WWII RTS Divided We Fall is out of Steam Early Access and free until Thursday

A WWII complex online RTS has just left Steam Early Access. To celebrate that occasion, the developer has made the game free until Thursday.

Divided We Fall (a.k.a. Call of Combat), a complex multiplayer World War II RTS, has left Early Access and is now available in full version on Steam. To celebrate the release, its developer, KAVA Game Studio, is making the game free to play until Thursday. You can also buy it 25% off the regular price until October 9.

Divided We Fall is described by its developer as: “a strategic close-combat multiplayer game that emphasizes the importance of building an effective cohesive squad and executing well thought-out tactics on the battlefield”. The title allows for quick 1 vs. 1 skirmishes as well as big battles for up to 15 players per team. Each battle requires precise cooperation between players. The role of the highest ranking officer is to draw out and coordinate a battle plan and distribute weapons between their subordinates, while the lower ranking leaders must carefully follow orders and lead their troops accordingly. A glimpse of that is showed in the release trailer: